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Friday, October 03, 2003

Some crap I wrote earlier this week in response to a news item that Thunderpuss had broken up:

It would be funny if one of them called himself Thunder and the other one would be Puss.

In Other News:

Peter Rauhofer Breaks Up:

Veteran producer Peter Rauhofer has recently announced his breakup. On Monday, September 29, the dance music superstar underwent cell mitosis, the form of asexual reproduction found in the amoeba, and split into 4 parts, each bearing the mother cell's DNA. Interviewed by an electron microscope, the four "children" commented: "Well, Keoki told us he'd long wanted to reproduce asexually, and we're happy we pulled it off first, although we didn't quite expect these results. While we're all much smaller, each of us is now free to conquer our own section of the dance music industry." Unfortunately, the split was not even and resulted in one large "baby" and three considerably smaller ones. The large part, "Peter" seems poised to rise to the top of the dance charts, while the other three -- Rau, Hof and Er -- might be more suited to German microhouse -- perhaps Kompakt will sign them, if they are lucky. Danny Tenaglia commented: "I sure am glad I didn't try that."

Elsewhere, one of the Big Three Detroit techno producers may be bought out by a German conglomerate. DaimlerAtkins?

And, after a tumultuous, yet ultimately futile career, uber-faux NY electroclash duo Fischerspooner have replaced the Fischer in their name with the brilliant, yet reclusive and psychotically paranoid former chess master Bobby Fischer.

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