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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Who killed Electroclash?

OK, maybe I'll flesh this description out later. Maybe. Maybe not. I just found it interesting that something that was (still "underground" and "cool" in 2000-2001 could go from "the next big thing" among critics, fans and djs to a total laughingstock among most of the same people in just a few short months in 2002. Now it's 2003, and it's still with us, kinda, maybe. But c'mon....

While I didn't particularly care for a lot of what was publicised as "electroclash", the backlash seems to have taken down some of the music I do like. Real electro for example, is hurting. And the man behind Drexciya's dead, so we've lost that keeper of the flame.

Actually, what I'm interested in, aside from trueskool and minimal electro, is getting to be either rock and roll or disco, even house and techno (but not crap) ...

Who Killed Electroclash?


Miss Kittin (see Overexposure, above.)

The British

New York

Larry Tee


Ministry of Pound, er, Sound

Fischerspooner (OK, I liked the FDH rmx of "The 15th" a lot)

2 Many DJs (I like them)

The fans


The Pet Shop Boys

DJ Hell (he created it, therefore, he must bear some of the blame for ruining it)

Dance Music (aka 99.9% of which is crap. With a beat.)

Dance Music Fans (aka sheep, jackasses, pinheads and idiots.)

Lack of talent

Adult. (just 'cuz.)

I like Adult. by the way. They're not. really. electroclash. Or they aren't. crap. That period. in their name. gets annoying. when. you. try. to write. about. Adult. They are much more talented than Ladytron. (OK, so talk about damning with faint praise.) Anxiety Always was a great lp. So was The Controlled Edition, except that was a 2-song '45. So was Magas: Friends Forever. More Ersatz Audio records, please.

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