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This space is a repository for my net radio station news and the like. Sometimes, when reposting older news and playlists, I'll include my recent comments in bold italics. I keep the following station description at the top, since I kept changing it all the time.

meow: glitterbox:

Freeform eclectronica: new and old. (Hehe, I'm so clever.) Music that falls through the cracks: electro, Italo disco, synth, post-punk, funk, old NYC favourites, obscure 70s/80s, idm, Detroit and other techno techno, acid, microhouse, bedroom bleeps, mash-ups and loads more.

NOT the same old "dance" or "electronic" selections. And when I play 8ties stuff, it's not the same old tunes everyone was already sick of by 1985. It IS quirky, new, and different, often obscure, always interesting and fun. I play whatever it is I'm feeling, from music for dancing to certifiable chillage and points inbetween. It's a great station for home, work or wherever. Playlists are carefully selected and sound quality is way better than it should be at this bitrate.

Latest station news appears, and is archived here.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Old news: Some old station updates and playlists archived here for posterity:

My station started up in January 2003, and after experimenting with different formats and stuff, I finally got it going on the air that March. The idea was, and as of this time still is, to do a weekly DJ mixed show, after which most of the tracks would enter steady rotation. The shows would give loyal listeners something to tune into on a regular basis and would also serve as a preview of what I’d be playing every day on the station. It kinda worked and still does. I don’t get a lot of listeners, but I still get ‘em, and so long as I’m playing to somebody besides myself, it’s worth it. Or that’s what I tell meself anyway.

My first show had something of an electroclash hangover. Maybe. See my snarky list: “Who Killed Electroclash” for the last word on this short-lived musical phenomenon. And if it died before its time, it’s nobody else’s fault but that of some trendoid stupid fans and bands who didn’t put out better, and more interesting material. And FU Larry Tee. Anyway, most of the tunes on that first show were acquired in 2002, and I’ve worried since that it sounded already dated compared to what I was playing or would be playing in the future. That it would be the musical equivalent of last season’s shopworn duds on the sale rack. (But, you know, with clothes you find the ones on that rack that have style but don’t look like the ones everyone else wore.) Listening back to it now, I shouldn’t have worried. I didn’t play anything that was too played out at that time, besides, OK, Vitalic. And yeah I played “Silver Screen Shower Scene” but 3 different mixes of it, after which I snarkily went into a bootleg remix of the Cars that I mixed in with Bad Cabbage. And after that it was more synthy disco than anything, maybe bits were a bit samosamo but overall respectable. And hey, I started off with Kitbuilders’ “Wake Up”, basically a more melodic Adult. song and still a great tune. OK, I followed it with two Adult. tunes which was probably a bit much but neither was anything too overplayed. I’ve archived it, like all my shows and I still kinda like it and listeners look back on it fondly.

Anyway, here it is: My current comments are in bold-ital, maybe:

mew: dateline: 03.12.03: 23:58 kittytime:

mew: last weeks's playlist: ETRO3s 3.06.03 (electro-punk-disco, file under booty bass)

kitbuilders: wake up (techno world rmx by bolz bolz)
adult: paranoid vision
adult: don't you stop (original mix
felix da housecat: silver screen shower scene (phunk remix) / (adult mix) / (lp mix): kittenz and thee glitz lp
stupid fresh: whoa! the cops / i like the nightlife baby / bad cabbage: your rude (get f*cked)
nitsch + gleinser: illusion (northern light remix)
soft cell: monoculture (playgroup remix)
wessling & schrom: fade to grey (decomposed subsonic & big chief electric mix) zombie nation feat. cassy britton: unload
divine: native love (dance mix by bobby "o")
david caretta: metal disco class
steril: white dressed domina
vitalic: poney part 2
selway: digital emotion
dr. shingo: i walk this way

thank you for listening - kitty

thanks to France. the country, that is, for listening more than anyone else outside the US. merci beacoup.

(11/03: Oh yeah, at the time, I thought it’d be cool to write in all lowercase. Sorry. Isn’t it nice, now to look back at that time when America and France were pissed off at each other, but my station still managed to bring everyone together. Even if was just two or three people in the US, including myself and one person in France.)

The next week I went all bootleggy-mash-up-y:

meow: dateline: 03.19.03: 6:36 kittytime:

last weeks's playlist: MUF1 3.13.03 (Mucked-Up Fix, file under booty bass)
...bodyrockin, electroshockin...

kylie minogue: come into my world (fischerspooner rmx)
abc vs kylie minogue: kylie is a zillionaire: mash-up
ludacris + missy vs kylie minogue: can't lick u outta my bed
missy elliot: get ur freak on (dj c-lay + dj hooker bass mix)
peaches vs the kinks: kinky peeches!
missy elliot vs ac/dc: back in black
alonzo moseley: every machine says tour de lazy casbah*
tom tom club: wordy rappinghood (dub mix)
rockers revenge feat donnie calvin: sunshine, partytime (rap)
liquid liquid: cavern (dj phantom's "let's hear it for the b-boy" remix)
bob marley vs basic channel: basic bob (lion in zion)
unknown artist: darth bastard
stupid fresh: you need it
los hombres invisibles: bodyworkin day and night (beastie boys vs michael jackson)
missy elliot: work it (unknown UK white label remix)
freelance hellraiser: a stroke of genius (christina aguilera vs the strokes

NOTE: all mash-up'ed trax were not made by me. i did nothing apart from some rudimentary mixing and
a wee bit of bad skratching and hitting some wierd nasty effects one in a while.

*alonzo moseley, yes i beleive that is in fact his real name, made this song totally out of bits from:
X-press 2 feat David Byrne: lazy
kraftwerk: tour de france (12" remix)
radiohead: everything in its right place (boootleg version) fc kahuna: machine says yes (josh wink mix)
the clash: rock the casbah (mustapha dance mix)

oh and for whatever reason, the Live365 Player won't play my stream. it works fine in Winamp and probably on Mac, however. since i use winamp i didnt notice but a few people have written me about it. looking into getting it fixed....

That was since fixed!

meow: dateline: 03.22.03: 15:13 kittytime:

big welcome to listeners from Canada! and also New Zealand and the UK. thanks for tuning in!

also, i've fixed the listening problem. it seems i encoded my tunes at a nonstandard frequency (32 khz) which plays just fine in Winamp and shows up OK on the Broadcaster end of Live365 but WILL NOT play in the Live365 player. OOOoooPSIE!! anyway, I've started to reencode all my tunes and should have them all up tomorrow. (grrr... i think live shold fix something on their end instead so it plays, but OK) ...thanks to everone who complained! i hope you will have a happy listening experience now.

After that, kind of a stab at raver respectability. Kinda. Actually, F* ravers.

meow: dateline: 03.23.03: 09:25 kittytime:

last wednesday's playlist: kittycore 3.19.03 (kittycore)

new order: blue monday (hardfloor mix)
electroset: how does it feel? (theme from techno blues)
egyptian empire: the horn track (luke slater's khufu remix 2002
luke slater: i can complete you (luke slater's inflight freefall mix)
luke slater: body freefall, electronic inform (slater's needle damage mix)
cristian vogel: whipaspank (tube jerk mix)
atom heart: whitehouse (wierd mix)
afx: men 1 remix 2
afx: analogue bubblebath vol 3.1 ladies side track 1
manitoba: air doom
dj mink: hey! hey! can u relate (sunshine dub instrumental)
thank you for listening - kitty

also, i've reencoded and uploaded everything, so the listening problem is fixed... and i will have even more tunes really soon.

i should go to bed now.

meow: dateline: 03.28.03: 7:27 kittytime:

big welcome to sweden and los angeles. also to philly, ny, champaign/springfield, aol, dc, san francisco....

last wednesday's playlist: ETRO4a 3.27.03 (electrofunkrockerbreakin')
lcd soundsystem: losing my edge
crossover: phostographt (tiga's revenge)
analogue audio association & strahler: das system
lowfish: domination
it 8 my computer: wannabe
laid back: white horse
gd luxxe: quiet life
dmx krew: 1-2-3
mount sims: how we do
miss kittin & the hacker: stock exchange (adam sky remix)
alek stark: disco tk
smash.tv: arcade
tuxedomoon: no tears (hans platzgumer remix)
peaches: suck and let go
studio: in the studio
genderfix: synsound (rawk lock!)

meow: dateline: 03.31.03: 8:05 kittytime:

i've also added more tracks to my unmixed (basic) broadcast. they include:

Alder & Elius vs Phoenicia: Don't You Stop (Get Outta Dodge)
Bolz Bolz: Take a Walk (Youngsters Bass rmx)
Charles Manier: Out Like a Tooth
Crossover: The Journey to Grob
David Caretta: Contact
Divine: Shoot Your Shot (Dance mix by Jellybean Benitez)
Dot Allison: Substance (Felix Da Housecat rmx)
Dr. Shingo: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Felix Da Housecat:
Glitz Rock
Runaway Dreamer
Silver Screen Shower Scene (Adult rmx)
Kitbuilders: Tell Me
Ladytron: Playgirl (Felix Da Housecat rmx)
Lowfish: The Accident Causer
Smash.tv: Nasty Girl
Tamion 12 Inch: Thin Boys Murdered
Tok Tok vs Soffy O: Missy Queen's Gonna Die
Vitalic: Poney Part 1
Wessling & Schrom: Faber Castle
Zombie Nation: Call Center

meow: dateline: 04.02.03: 8:05 kittytime:

welcome to germany and baltimore!

unfortunately I can't do a mix show tonight. but i will have more goodies next week!

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2003 3:34 am
Post subject: meow: kitty glitter is the purr

hello to new listeners from the Netherlands and from Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto... California has tuned in way more than any other state in the US. just passed 100 TLH, whee! new musical goodies coming up this week. thank yous to everyone who's written, i know i'm a bit slow in writing back, but i will.

meow: dateline: 04.15.03: 20:05 kittytime:

added more tracks, including:

Adult: Shake Your Head
Beta Evers: Im Porsche 928 uber die Autobahn
Charles Manier: Bang Bang Lover (Dance Mix)
DJ Godfather: Via Satellite from Detroit
Drexciya: The Plankton Organization
Froyd: Weisses Rauschen
GD Luxxe: Reasons
Goudron: Art School F___heads
I-f: Space Invaders are Smoking Grass
Japanese Telecom Remixes The Men from P.A.C.K.
Mantronix: Who Is It? (USA Club Mix)
Nitsch + Gleinser feat. Randos: Illusion
Porn.darsteller: 599 00..!
Psylocity: Machine
Steril: Klinique
Ulysses: Robotik

and lots more!

hello to Chicago, Savannah, Atlanta, Phoenix and Greenville/Spartansburg/Asheville/Anderson (how do they fit that many towns in one place?)

thank you to whoever named me as their most favourite station. i love u!

meow: dateline: 04.23.03: 20:55 kittytime:

past playlists: oooopsie!:

ETRO4b 4.09.03 (electrometaleurosynthdisko)

Nitsch + Gleinser: Etage (Comix remix)
DMX Krew: Lies Inside
Ulysses: The Sound of Robots Dancing
Frequenzberater: Corvette
Drexciya: The Plankton Organization
Peaches: Sex (I'm A)
Tweet vs Human League: Oops (There Goes the Crowd)
DJ Assault: Love the Pussycat / Sweet Pussycat Pauline vocal The Bangkok Cops feat Miss Yella: My Radio (Remix by Marco Remus)
My Robot Friend: The Fake (Zombie Nation remix)
Vitalic: You Prefer Cocaine
The Normal vs Joey Beltram: Crash (Warm Leatherette vs Energy Flash!!)
Zombie Nation: Call Center
Manitoba: If A______s Could Fly This Place Would Be an Airport

ETRO4c 4.17.03 (electrometaleurosynthdisko2)

Genderfix: Boom Boom (feat Vince Clarke and Daphne Diamond)
Ladytron: Seventeen (Slam remix)
Cosmos: Take Me With You (Freelance Hellraiser Remix)
Mr. Lovelace & Mrs. Kalif: Stop
The Spider: Mirror Man
Ulysses: No One Is My Baby
Giorgio Moroder: Chase
Legowelt: 2002
Luke Slater: Stars and Heroes (Album Version)
Fischerspooner: The 15th (Felix Da Housecat Thee Blak Lite Mix)
Dr. Shingo: Space Walk
The Twins: Face to Face (Naughty's Italo Disco Mix ...Gigolo Records)
Codec & Flexor: Breakout (Mix by Maru & Comix)

And with these last few shows, as well as the playlist adds, I concocted the basic Glitterbox formula. The hangover fades, slowly.... Yeah, I played Fischerspooner, but that one is a good song, dammit! (The rest of their stuff is crap, however.) Some electro, some electro-pop-clash-whatever, lots of synth and disco and Italo, maybe a club oldie of sorts, a mash-up or two. Just add more quirk to taste in the coming months and it’d work fine. The music selection may change, as may the style, and likely things will get better as I add more tunes, but the basic concept is there. And it works. Even today.

And at some point, I finally started using capitals.

And, actually at one point during one of these shows, I relaized I was gonna play Peaches after Drexciya. This was just wrong. I actually stopped the turntables at that point. While the songs went together at some level, there was something cosmically wrong with it. And I feared the kind of nightmares James Stinson’s angry spirit would have been bringing me for the rest of my life. Sure they’d probably be interesting nightmares, but I don’t need that. Actually a sex dream involving Peaches might be scarier! Sometimes I play Peaches, as it’s sometimes funny when she’s dirty, but mostly her music makes me angry and ill . Fatherfucker? That’s a rhetorical question I don’t have the answer to. I’ve had exactly one sex dream with famous people and that was with 3 of the Spice Girls... more weird than anything. And I had a dream where I was friends with Howard Stern and we were riding motorcycles all over NY and Miami, where a cross-dressed Richard Simmons wanted to have sex with us. EEeeeeeek!

meow: dateline: 04.27.03: 12:35 kittytime:

big hellos to fans from Brazil, Chile and the People's Republic of China! continuing thanks to New Zealand which is my #1 source of listeners after the US. hellos to US listeners in Baltimore, Denver and Mankato! and more thanks to everyone in the US and all over the world who keeps on listening!

now two people love kitty!

i slunk into the Top 10 of electro stations awhile back, not that it's the most crowded field.

last wednesday's playlist:

ETRO4d 4.23.03 (electrochilledsexydiscovolante)

EVAVIII: Skin-Deep
Lowfish: No Longer Accepting Complaints
Hong Kong Counterfeit: Discotto Plastique
Porn.darsteller: Wilkommen / Sex Roboter
I-F feat Nancy Fortune: Holographic Voice
Alek Stark: TB Love
Goldenboy: It's Good for You to Meet People Like Us
GD Luxxe: Quiet Life (GDX Mix w/ Solvent)
Analog Audio Association & Strahler: Flugangst
Drexciya: Birth of New Life
Lowfish: Dark Matter (Ver. 1)
Solvent: My Radio
Goudron: Grand River (Version 3)
Tommie Sunshine: Runway Runaway (For Kelly)
New Order: Lonesome Tonight

This is still a favourite show of mine, as are the next two...

meow: dateline: 05.25.03: 14:00 kittytime:

well... um, anyway, i thought i needed some more new tunes on here. so i uploaded a bunch of them.
and there are lots more to come! (until i run out of storage space that is, but then i'll get
more of it.) i think its coming around nicely. last wednesday's show was a big success! for me, anyway.
here's a playlist.

last wednesday's playlist:

shyandgentle01 5.21.03 (electroidmchilltechop)

Benge: Eve's Escape Valve
Vito Ricci: The Ship Was Sailing
Alek Stark: 24h. Sin Nikki
Skanfrom vs Pest(e): Wrinkle (Remix) Jega: Geometry
Nu Science: Tripodien Aika
Beige: Melodramatic System Error
Sound Patrol: Because, This is how it Feels When I Miss You...
Yunx: Hoc
Lowfish: Tolex ver.2
Dominatrix: The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominant Mix)
Atom Heart: Hard Disk Rock (Don't Stop)
Jello feat. Dennis Bourne: Lungbone, Tongue Bone Mix
Psylocity: Fortschritt & Technik
Casio Casino: Sun
Cristian Vogel: La Isla Piscola (Herbert's Harbour Dub)

and even more new tracks uploaded this rainy day. listen for tracks from:

Analogue Audio Association & Strahler
Codec & Flexor
DMX Krew feat Tracy
Dr. Shingo
Giorgio Moroder
Golden Boy
Hong Kong Counterfeit
I-F feat Nancy Fortune
Luke Slater
Mr. Lovelace & Mrs. Kalif
Puberty Love
The Spider
The Twins

meow: dateline: 05.30.03: 7:55 kittytime:

last wednesday's playlist:

shyandgentle02 5.28.03 (electroidmchilltechop)

The Soft Pink Truth: Soft Pink Missy (Brooks' Pink Mafia Mix)
Alder & Elius vs. Phoenicia: Don't You Stop (Get Outta Dodge Mix ...from Adult. Misinterpreted)
Millsart: Every Dog Has Its Day #3 B1
Millsart: Every Dog Has Its Day #4 A2 (untitled tracks... by Jeff Mills, of course)
D'Arcangelo: Topic and U
X-103: Minnia (The Queen's Theme)
The Orb: Earth (Gaia)
The Chap: Why Don't You Hit Me Back Manitoba: Hendrix with Ko
Ellen Allien: Alles Sehen
Printed Circuit: Store and Transport
Kitbuilders: Dropping
Dopplereffekt: Z-Boson
Multiplex: Mainline

meow: dateline: 06.07.03: 16:27 kittytime:

last Thursday's show was great! see u again at my regular cat-time, cat-channel, Wednesdays at midnight, here's a playlist:

ETRO5a 6.04.03 (electrofunkpunkdiskoglitterock)

Porn.darsteller: 599 00..!
I-F: Us & Ours & You & Yours (feat DJ Overdose & A. Tyrell)
Chaos aka Marc Floyd: Afrogermanic
Ellen Allien: Trash Scape
Mulletronic: Eeyore
It & My Computer: Trouver quelqu'un
Le Syndicat Electronique: Love Machine
Eedio: Modulation
Yello: Bostich
Adult.: Shake Your Head
Beta Evers: Out of My Life
Beige: The Great Krautrock Swindle
Laptop: Ratso Rizzo ("All-Nighter" Version)
Candy Flip: Can You Feel the Love
Charles Manier: At the Bottle
EBN / OZN: AEIOU Sometimes Y (Long Version)

hey, where else are u gonna hear anyone go from Candy Flip to Charles Manier? or hear some of this stuff at all! more in this (jugular) vein next week... apologies to Mad Magazine.

and hellos to listeners in: United States, Lithuania, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Colombia, Denmark, Portugal, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Australia, Israel, France, Spain, and Sweden... all of whom chose to submit themselves to my station 4 an hour or several ...or days, weeks even.... Special thanks to listeners from New Zealand and Canada for being especially dedicated and welcome back to France!

welcome also to US listeners in: Los Angeles, San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose CA, Washington DC, Philadelphia PA, New York NY, AOL, Phoenix AZ, Chicago IL, Tampa - Saint Petersburg, Miami - Fort Lauderdale FL, Atlanta GA, Dallas - Fort Worth, Austin, TX, Fort Smith - Fayetteville - Springdale - Rogers AR, Raleigh - Durham NC, Madison WI, Santa Barbara - Santa Maria - San Luis Obispo, Monterey - Salinas, Sacramento - Stockton - Modesto CA, Boston MA, Seattle - Tacoma WA

thanks to everybody for listening!! i truly appreciate it. under Live's new plan, I've gotten more disc space for even more tunes and more of those are coming your way!!

ETRO5b 6.11.03 (electrofunkpunkdiskoglitterock)
Fancy: Chinese Eyes
Prince: Irresistible B1tch
Paul Johnson feat Jessica: Erotic City
The Soft Pink Truth: Acting Crazy
Gold Chains: Nada (Kid 606's Hold On To Yr Hardcore RMX)
The Octagon Man vs Depth Charge: Mmm...
Printed Circuit: I Heart My Jen Sexy
Magas: Toys (FxU Remix by J. Vulpine)
Revlon 9: Someone Like You
Electric 6: She's White
David Bowie: Queen B1tch
Lou Reed: Rock 'n' Roll (live, from Rock 'n' Roll Animal lp)
The Chap: (Hats Off To) Dror Frangi
Luke Slater: Nothing at All
Manitoba: Jacknuggeted

sorry i got all wierd and started playing rock, but it fit the mood and if u heard it u might think it worked... one thing leads to another, and u end up in bed between David Bowie and Lou Reed... um, ok, nevermind!

it was great fun though... feeling like its time 4 another mucked-up show....

i love Prince by the way. he is 2 funky 4 me.

OK, so my use of caps was still somewhat inconsistent. Band names, proper names and song titles – caps. Everything else – no caps. Hey, that’s consistent innits own way. Those last two shows are probably those closest to what I play now... Plus IDM/Detroit/something. . .

Posted: Thu Jun 26, 2003 6:51 pm Post subject: meow: mashing up and exploding genres again!!

last nite's show was great! ok, nearly everything went wrong -- my x-fader went out halfway through the mix, forcing me to use the line faders as well, which i'd just swapped out with rotary faders; both my needles are finally going after all the abuse they've gotten these past few months and i lost my internet connection... twice. but the show went on and the actual mix part went great -- two hours of madness -- and i think it did turn out to be my best yet. early listener feedback corroborates this. yay!!

don't worry if u missed it, i'll be re-running it again Friday nite around midnite EST. so tune in then.

playlist soon.

last weeks's playlist: MUF2 6.25.03: Mucked-Up Fix 2 - Electric Bootiloo

Bootyshaker vs Grandmaster Felix: Bitter Sweet Seduction: Bootyshaker mash-up -- Grandmaster Flash vs Felix Da Housecat ("White Lines" & "Silver Screen Shower Scene"! I pooped in my pants!)
Radio Slave vs The White Stripes & L'il Kim: The Jump Off (white label)
Michael Jackson vs Chaka Khan: Rock with You (white label) Time Zone: World Destruction
The Specials: Ghost Town rmx 2 (white label)
Stoppa: Sinsimila (Soul of Man Mix)
Eberhard Schoener feat. The Police: Why Don't You Answer?
La Bionda: I Wanna Be Your Lover
Unknown Artist: Be Thankful...
Melle Mel: The Mega-Melle Mix (mixed by Sanny X)
Panjabi MC feat Jay-Z: Beware of the Boys (Jay-Z Remix)
The The: Infected (Skull-Crusher Mix)
50 Inch Nails: In the Club / Closer (XXX version): mash-up (50 Cent vs Nine Inch Nails)
Missy Elliott feat Ludacris: Gossip Folks / The Normal: Warm Leatherette (Kitty Glitch lazy-a55 mash-up)
Joey Beltram: Energy Flash
Joey Beltram: Flash Cube
50 Cent feat Nate Dogg: 21 Questions (Kitty Glitch lazy-acid mix)
Yoko Ono: Walking on Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Extended Dance mix)
Bootyshaker vs Jungle Brothers: JB Shake ("I'll House You")
Mash-up: Eminem Meets Michael Jackson ("Without Me" & "Wanna Be Startin Somethin" yeah!)
Jimi Hendrix: Gypsy Eyes (Baby Boy remix)
Mr. Fingers: Can You Feel It? (Chuck D. Mix)
Boards of Canada: Kid for Today

See... this really was my best show ever! Thank you for listening!

At this point I’d felt my station had arrived. Somewhere. I knew I loved the music and could keep it fresh. And keep a few people listening. The next couple months, which I’ll archive later, brought some live IDM jams and more tunes.

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