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meow: glitterbox:

Freeform eclectronica: new and old. (Hehe, I'm so clever.) Music that falls through the cracks: electro, Italo disco, synth, post-punk, funk, old NYC favourites, obscure 70s/80s, idm, Detroit and other techno techno, acid, microhouse, bedroom bleeps, mash-ups and loads more.

NOT the same old "dance" or "electronic" selections. And when I play 8ties stuff, it's not the same old tunes everyone was already sick of by 1985. It IS quirky, new, and different, often obscure, always interesting and fun. I play whatever it is I'm feeling, from music for dancing to certifiable chillage and points inbetween. It's a great station for home, work or wherever. Playlists are carefully selected and sound quality is way better than it should be at this bitrate.

Latest station news appears, and is archived here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Yesterday's News Part II
Aren't you lucky?

meow: dateline: 07.10.03: 23:38 kittytime:

last wednesday's show:

Electric Kitten Keio: EK2_01_7.03.03 + EK2_02_7.10.03

2 long continous jams... no playlist, no track listings even... eventually i'll do some cut-down remixes of the finer moments from these. thy're kinda wierd (even for me) but i'll slip them in sometime, probably around the weekend for your chilling pleasure.

gear used: Korg Electribes EA-, ER- and ES-1 and a Korg 707 and some efx as well as a flugelhorn and a butt-trumpet. (not really on the last 2)

also, i've slunk up to #8 on the electro chart. yay!... and 4 people love my station enough to name it their favourite, which is coincidentally the highest number of listeners i've ever seen.

ooops, no make that 5 people now love me enough to name me their favourite.

meow: dateline: 07.16.03: 7:51 kittytime:

big updates... i'm uploading new tracks every day this week, so listen for an even bigger and better and fresher playlist. dope new mixes coming up too -- stupid dope -- one-time junglist mash-ups show and bunch more electro-ish sets. tonite will probably do another live ambient idm set and i'm considering adding a show of mainly idm originals to Monday nites in the future. stay tuned.

check out my website, too, where I've added a whole page of technical_isht what will tell you what plug-ins and stuff you need to make my station sound even better on your end. i mean, it'll sound great ...and maybe you'll never listen anywhere else again. heehee!

last wednesday's show:

Electric Kitten Keio: 00p5...7.15.03

nice one, this, bit more focussed than the past couple but more interesting... starts off spacey, bleepy goes through various permutations before going all hardcore techno (really! ...reminds me of various early 90's more techno than breakbeat tunes) and ends up all clicky noisey

meow: dateline: 08.06.03: 08:16 kittytime:

last two shows:

Electric Kitten Keio: EK2_03_7.24.03: Keio Jam and Earl
Electric Kitten Keio: RABBIT_7.30.03: Through the Rabbit Hole 1

It keeps evolving and mutating as i reorganize my studio. these sets saw, in addition to my previous electric kit, the introduction of the little Yamahas DX200 and AN200 and the big Korg DW8000.

Electric Kitten Keio bids farewell to Wednesday nights after tonight. Tomorrow night's show will be a bit more electro and acid and maybe a suprise or two. I'm happy people like these shows, but I've got to get back to mix shows, which I've been neglecting. Look for those to start back up wednesday of next week... I've got a pile of new electro and whatnot to get on - should be loads of fun!

Not to worry as my own musical explorations will be moving to monday nights @ 8pm EST. called "Elegant Freshman", it will include old and new stuff from Electric Kitten Keio and other projects. (I'll also play this stuff sometimes over the weekend.) EK2 is mainly ambient and chilled idm, often dubby, psometimes psychedelic even, with the odd electro, techno and glitch bits and often just odd. influences include Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Pete Namlook and once in a while a good bit of Plastikman or Kid606. Spacey long and meandering, these improvised sets are recorded live and almost never edited. eventually, I'll edit, tweak and twist them into something like regular tunes... or not so regular.

This show is happening now every week. But it's called "Silent G." I like that one better.

For all of July (and part of August) I was playing live sets of my own music. (Mainly idm and ambient, some acid, electro and techno.) These have moved to a new show, elegant freshman, on mondays. Check them out!

Past shows:

Electric Kitten Keio:
EK2_01_7.03.03 Keio Jam
EK2_02_7.10.03 Keio Jam 2
00p5...7.15.03 (OOPS....)
EK2_03_7.24.03 Keio Jam and Earl
RABBIT_01_7.30.03 Through the Rabbit Hole Part 1
RABBIT_02_8.03.03 Through the Rabbit Hole Part 2
DIARY_01_8.06.03/02_8.06.03/03_8.06.03 Kitmatic Diary 1-3

Kit used:

Korg Electribes EA-1, ER-1, ES-1
Korg 707 and DW8000 mid8ties synthesizers
Yamaha AN200 and DX200 glitchboxes
Roland MC-202, SH-101, and TR-707 8ties noise machines
+ some effects and stuff.

Last week's show was my biggest ever. Thank you! I hope everyone tunes in Mondays.

Tonite and for the next 2 weeks, I'm going to be totally different and play all jungle and drum and bass wednesday nites, after midnight.

Yeah, I did that. I forget if anyone actually listened.

It was fun, though.

In response to news that a mash-up remix I'd spun awhile back (not one of mine) was catching on elsewhere:


You can say you heard it here first.

They all follow me. heehee! But I move too fast for them. They can't catch me. Like the Gingerbread Man!

There are some sick new mash-up mixes out. Along with everything else. The next month or so should be very fun and interesting.

And it was. So there.

Sat Aug 23, 2003 9:03 am Post subject: meow: step by step, slowly I turn....


Playing jungle and drum & bass mixes all weekend... and then back to my (not so) normal programming next week, and my regular mix shows!

Thanks to everyone who's written me, I'm often slow in responding.

6 people love Kitty! or at least named this their favourite station.

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2003 2:52 pm Post subject: meow: shake dat ting miss kitty kitty


More junglist mayhem tonite, mostly jungle this time ...listen for old skool, dark d'n'b and those junglist mash-ups ...not to be missed.

While it's not my normal format, it hasn't exactly hurt my ratings... I might be considering running jungle, drum & bass and old skool hardcore shows on Sundays and Thursdays soon.

New electro, disko, idm and whatever -- "electroclash" is so 2002 -- tunes and mixes coming up this week and all next month. ...might be doing some archaelogical crate-digging soon too for some nice dusty crunchy crusty old grooves....

In the meantime my station plays (faboolous) tracks like:

Alder & Elius vs Phoenicia - Don't You Stop (Get Outta Dodge - Adult. Misinterpreted rmx)
The last (and most removed from its source) of a series of "telephone style" remixes on last year's Adult. Misinterpreted ep. Wierd and groovy

Japanese Telecom Remixes - Perspects
One of a few Detroit electro remixes from an older (2000?) and very nice Intuit-Solar ep.

Kitbuilders - Wake Up (Bolz Bolz Electro rmx)
Very first tune played on the glitterbox and also one of most everybody's favourites. Very special tune.

The Chap - Why Don't You Hit Me Back
From their curious "The Horse" lp, one of several excellent tunes from this eccentric electronic-and-indie-rock band, very cheeky-slacker-British.

Yello - Bostich
One of the odd 1980's tunes. My personal favourite from this Swiss(?) duo and probably their biggest dancefloor favourite, better than "Oh Yeah." I have the early 90's rave remix, too.

I did some poking around on discogs.com to find out some more about Time Zone:

A look on Discogs.com shows these releases from the Afrika Bambaataa Time Zone. Seems to be his project and not Bill Laswell's / Material's. Not familiar with the other tracks, although one has appeared on a number of high-profile compilations. (Note that there was also a techno, rave or trance act called Time Zone with a release or two on Antler Subway, I've left those off)

Afrika Bambaataa pres. Time Zone

What's The Name Of This Nation?...Zulu!, 12" (Profile Records)
Throw Ya Funky Hands Up, 12" (Profile Records)


Time Zone
Also records as: Afrika Bambaataa

The Wildstyle Remix, 12" (Island Records) <---- need this one.
World Destruction, 12" (Virgin Records)
World Destruction, 12" (Virgin Records)
World Destruction, 12" (Celluloid) <-------------- have this one.


Wild Style on Street Sounds Electro Crucial, LP (Street Sounds)
Wildstyle on Prodigy Present: The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One, CD (XL Recordings)
Zulu War Chant (Funky Remix) on Dope Classics, 2xCD (React)
The Wildstyle (Instrumental Mix) on Celluloid - The Electro Years - Why Is It Fresh?, CD (Distance)
Wildstyle on Urban Theory Presents Electro Science Mixed By The Freestylers, 2xCD (Urban Theory)

I cut the list off after this, as it repeats a lot of stuff, multiple compilation appearances, etc. But these two, apparently rave-era remixes look interesting, if they are what I hope they are:

The World Of God on Techno Trax Vol. 3, 2x12" (ZYX)
Praise God on Serious Beats Vol.2, CD (Trance Mission)

I love Discogs! I have a couple reviews on there, somewhere....

More poop from the glitterbox...

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2003 7:02 am Post subject: [32kbps] meow:glitterbox [electro idm techno synth]


more poop from the glitterbox:

new tunes and mix shows! Tonite, a return to form with an all-new m1nx selection, more grimey electro funk and punk. Bunch of new stuff to get on. and a few little suprises. Maybe a bit later, like a couple hours after midnite, depending on what my schedule is like, gonna try for midnite.

40 people have rated my station so far, and my rating is pretty high, so I must be doing something right.

working on my web prescence. May be setting up a web page for downloads of my own tunes. The stuff I play Monday nights. Will be doing it on my own, no mp3.com or anything

put a bunch new stuff in my Broadcaster Profile, apart from web links, it's nearly complete. Finally!

more stuff what I play like:

Drexciya - Birth of New Life
Lovely tune from one of the masters of electro and Detroit. Unfortunately, the leader of Drexciya died last year. From the Digital Tsunami ep on Tresor, one of his last, along with a couple of releases on that label, as well as on UR and Clone... not all of which I have, but the Clone ep I have is staggering.

Ellen Allien - Trashscape
My favourite song from the Berlinette lp on Bpitch out of Germany, this chick mixes up a friendly blend of electro, idm, house and techno styles plus her vocals. Which are actually quite good. A bunch of remixes are available

I-f - Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass (12" mix)
Killer electro tune from a couple years ago, that, thanks to its grimy arp, became an unwitting electroclash anthem. This is the extended mix on Interdimensional Transmissions. Viewlexx put out a remastered version of the short mix, but I like this one better. The Viewlexx ep has fantastic, essential electro tracks on it however.

Lowfish - Tolex ver.2
One of my absolute favourites. Lovely chilled electro tune from their excellent The Accident Causer ep on Ersatz Audio. Originally I played this back to back with "Dominatrix." I play lots of this wonderfully arsey artist and try to buy all the Lowfish I can.

Luke Slater - I Can Complete You lp version
Serious bald techno dude goes all eclectic and pop on his Alright on Top lp. And sings. While not every track works, the results are overall quite good, much better than say, if Richie Hawtin pulled this stunt. Or for that matter what Moby (bald, not techno) or BT (not bald, not techno) have done recently. I prefer Luke's 12" mix, which is more typical harsh Slater style, but this synthy discoey cut is pretty nice on its own with its vocoder chorus hook.

Thanks again to everyone who's tuned in and written and stuff.

And you should go out and buy all the records I like! And everything you hear on the glitterbox. (which, of course, I like, although I can't review everything) If you have to download it, do it through iTunes, the new Napster or some other site/service where you have to pay for them. Unless, for some reason, I start playing Moby. Then it's OK to steal them. No, not really!

Some past playlists. (And I'll type up the playlists for the electro shows of the past two weeks later)

Played 8.13.03: Undersea Bass, 1998 (it really is that old!)
Nice classic atmospheric drum & bass mix with a bit of downtempo....

Pronoia: Syracuse
Dillinga: Deep Love
Dave Wallace: Expressions
Goldie: Timeless (Inner City Life)
(Album mix/Baby Boy's edit/Rabbit's Short Attention Span edit)
SDA + John Williams: The Busker
Aquarius + Tayla: Bringing Me Down
Goldie: Sea of Tears
Misterjon: Seachange
Photek: Pharoah
Skanna: Find Me
Purple Penguin: Mountain
M.T.S.: Inspiration
A Side + Nut-E-1: Tonite
L.T.J. Bukem: Demons Theme


MUF3j 8.20.03: Mucked-Up Fix 3 - junglistbootymashup
once in a great while, if I have the tunes, I'll do the odd (very odd) drum & bass mix.

Panjabi MC: Beware of the Boys (Miyuki Cat Hardcore Quickie rmx)
Li'l Louis: French Kiss (Optical rmx)
Tweet: Oops Oh My (DnB rmx)
Pink: There Ya Go (Jungle rmx)
Missy Elliott: Get UR Freak On (Landspeeders DnB mix)
Sean Paul: Get Busy (DnB rmx)
Blair Witch: Raw Sex
DJ Soul Slinger: God is a Lobster
(excellent old Liquid Sky rmx of the B-52s "Rock Lobster"!!)
Missy Elliott: Rain (Drum 'n Bass rmx)
Sum1: Jungle Mayhem
Bounty Killer: How the West Was Won Jungle
Barrington Levy: Here I Come (Jungle)
Total Science: Timeless (B-side)
Q-Project: Champion Sound (Bad Company rmx)
Snoop & Dre: Next Episode (Jungle rmx)
Eminem vs Leviticus: "Incredibly Heavy" ("Lose Yourself")

Will I be doing more of these in the future? Maybe someday, don't know when.

For fans of old jungle, d&B, hardcore, rave, acid house: it also looks like I'll be moving the Psychotech station's programming to this one, not sure what times, Sundays are a definite maybe, as are Thursday nights....

Still hasn't happened. May happen. Thursdays have become the nite I replay my Wednesday show at an earlier time.

Identifying a Goldie lp: The Goldie lp:

It's the Timeless 2x CD, one of my favourites and maybe one of the greatest records ever. He did another called Saturnz Return a couple years later -- there were some really good tunes on it, but its regarded as a musical disaster -- the producer (Rob Playford aka Two Bad Mice, Moving Shadow recs) left halfway through. Anyway, I think there were two versions of the Timeless CD released in the US: one with a white cover which is just the lp and another with a black cover which includes remixes of "Inner City Life" by Baby Boy and Rabbit in the Moon. Both of the remixes are worth having. I have a 12" with downtempo remixes of this tune on it, I'm not sure but I think it includes one, or both of them. If you like that sound: Metalheadz Platinum Breakz is excellent: 1st CD atmospheric, 2nd one is pretty harsh and dark. Platinum Breaks 2 is pretty good too but has less atmospheric sweetness.

My favourites are old skool jungle -- hardcore and ragga sounds -- and also atmospheric drum & bass. Particularly like Good Lookin' / LTJ Bukem stuff (like his house music too) although the old stuff is better in my opinion. Once in awhile, I'll get into somebody a bit different like Bad Company, Total Science, Digital, Konflict -- actually I think I spin drum & bass pretty OK and would keep up with it more if I could afford it.

<---------------------------------------------------REWIND!! hehe

and more playlists! from my last two shows:

ETRO6a 8.27.03: electrofunkpunkrocknowave

Malcolm McLaren: Madam Butterfly
Tom Tom Club: Genius of Love / Pleasure of Love (Instrumental)
The Cold Crush Brothers: Fresh, Wild, Fly and Bold (Cold Crush: It's Us)
50 Cent: In da Club (Party Punk NY Trash rmx)
The Soft Pink Truth: Everybody's Soft
Porn.darsteller: Trouble
Lacquer: X
Dr. Shingo: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Daniel Wang: Pistol Oderso
The Juan MacLean: Give Me Every Little Thing
Casco: Cybernetic Love (Instrumental)
Artist Unknown: Security

ETRO6b 9.04.03: electrofunkpunkrocknowave 2

Manuel Mind & Valentino Tomasi: Strange Sounds (ATOC's Robot Remix)
Eedio: Hero
Printed Circuit: Chevron
The Octagon Man vs Depth Charge: I Dream
Le Syndicat Electronique: Plastic to Plastic
Porn.darsteller: Slave Machine
Kill Memory Crash: Inside the Box
The Suburban Knight aka James Pennington: Maroon
Drexciya: Drexcyen Star Chamber
I-f: Playstation #2
Modeselektor: Tekknoprostitutionsmaschine
(Oder von Bohlen Empfohlen) / Zweete Halbzeit
The Soft Pink Truth: Soft on Crime
Pyrolator: Die Haut der Frau

That Malcolm McLaren song is on right now.

9.09: I haven't done this for awhile, but thanks to everyone who's been listening in the meantime. In the past 30 days, people in the following countries chose to subject themselves to my station for at least an hour. Or several. Or many many....

United States
New Zealand
United Kingdom

and thanks to US listeners from the following cities:

San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose
Los Angeles
New York
Kansas City
Washington DC
Jacksonville / Brunswick, FL / GA
Salisbury, DE / MD
Miami / Fort Lauderdale
Raleigh - Durham
Minot / Bismarck / Dickinson, MT / ND / SD
Dallas - Fort Worth TX
Norfolk - Portsmouth - Newport News, NC / VA
Orlando - Daytona Beach - Melbourne, FL
San Diego

9.09: I'm pleased to have as my guest DJ tonight, DJ Confusion aka Tykxboy @ Live365. You can check out his very popular station here:


and his nice website here:


"Trancefuzzled" -- Expect hard trance, psychedelic, rockin stuff, maybe a little bit of hardcore -- not your usual trance mix. I don't normally play any trance on this station, so you know he's got to be good! This is Tykxboy's debut on the Special People's Club, and the only place (for now) you'll hear this mix.

[usually, I leave out most of the coming attractions material, which I did here. Yeah, I played a trance mix. Don't give me any isht about it. Bite me. F*U. It was actually a really good mix and I like hard trance everyonce in awhile, although I was pretty much over the whole genre long before everyone else was into it, probably even you. Go listen to your trendy underground records, I know you secretly like the Cure, even their later crap like "Friday I'm In Love" which isn't anymore wet than the wettest of wet trance.]

9.13: Started a new website. Doesn't replace the previous one, just a totally different look. Will be updating both of them concurrently and would like to do more looks. This one isn't totally done yet -- not all the links work, not all the graphics are up, some like the intro gfx have to be changed from bitmaps to Flash vector gfx. It's still fun to look at and play with:


The old Radio Shack TRS-80 is humming along nicely.

Website's come along nicely. Still a bit kfludgey... not my main one, the meo3 one.

and last Wednesday's playlist:

ETRO6c 9.10.03: electrofunkpunkrocknowave 3

Bush Tetras: Too Many Creeps
ESG: You Make No Sense
Magas: Pocket Racers
A Touch of Class: Startup
Adult.: Glue Your Eyelids Together
Adult.: Suck the Air
Erase Errata: Marathon (Adult. Remix)
Kitbuilders: Tell Me
Goudron: Art School F*heads
Gold Chains: I Treat Your C****hie Like a Maze
Echowest: Engelstur
The Fox: Ride On (ATOC Disco Dub)
Lizzy Mercier Descloux: Wawa
Material: Secret Life
Legowelt: Disco Rout

Bit more of a [post] punk mix this time, gets a bit (metal-electro-freaky-Italo) disco at the end... heading more in that direction next week, with maybe a bit of no/new wave tooo....

Oh yeah, at some point I threatened to do a goa trance show. Maybe on Sunday, I'll do one. Beware!

9.19: very fun show last wednesday. Will be continuing more along these lines next week and probably for a while....

ETRO6d 9.17.03 electrofunkpunknowavedisco

The Soft Pink Truth: Make Up
Matthew Dear: Plinko
Ellen Allien: Push
Shakedown: Love Games
The Things: Stupid (Tomorrow People Remix)
The White Stripes: Rip It Off Acid Mix
Volga Select: Kalichnikov Rainbow
Lime: Angel Eyes
Klein & MBO: Dirty Talk (A Touch of Class Re-edit)
ESG: Moody
Scissor Sisters: Comfortably Numb (Dub)
Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime (Carl Craig edit)

Posted: Fri Sep 26, 2003 4:59 am Post subject: meow: same as it ever was...


"cold as ice cream but still as sweet..."

Glitterbox will be around for a while, I've already paid for 6 more months of it, and will keep it going. I might not always have as much time to keep it up as I do now. But for now, I've got so much to get on, it's gonna keep being new and fresh.

This weekend I'll be playing a bunch of my archived mix shows, and it's probably the last time I'll play this much of them at one time. Moving forward....

A picture of my legs and feet, with some retro crap scattered around them. I was promoting my upcoming discoid shows...

How cute! Note that it is good retro crap about my feet, not real crap! As Strong Bad says: "Crap for crap." And those pants are this pyjama catsuit I got at a thrift shop, it's so very tacky but I love it.

And that brought me to this October, which was a pretty busy month in the Glitterbox...

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