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Thursday, December 11, 2003

liner notes... Oh, how cute and twee... anyway, I've been spending a lot of time in my playlist posts talking about certain records, way too much time in fact, and I think its been breaking up the playlists. So I took them out and put them in this post. In the future, I'll probably post them separately.


alonzo moseley: every machine says tour de lazy casbah

alonzo moseley, yes i beleive that is in fact his real name, made this song totally out of bits from:
X-press 2 feat David Byrne: lazy
kraftwerk: tour de france (12" remix)
radiohead: everything in its right place (boootleg version)
fc kahuna: machine says yes (josh wink mix)
the clash: rock the casbah (mustapha dance mix)
PHEW!!!! ...I left this one in.


Giorgio Moroder: Chase
Giorgio Moroder! from 1978! from the Midnight Express soundtrack. listen 2 it... Giorgio Moroder invented acid house! or was that Harry Thumann? or Perrey & Kingsley? i forget.


Candy Flip: Can You Feel the Love
Charles Manier: At the Bottle
hey, where else are u gonna hear anyone go from Candy Flip to Charles Manier?


David Bowie: Queen B1tch
Lou Reed: Rock 'n' Roll (live, from Rock 'n' Roll Animal lp)
sorry i got all wierd and started playing rock, but it fit the mood and if u heard it u might think it worked... one thing leads to another, and u end up in bed between David Bowie and Lou Reed... um, ok, nevermind! It was probably because I'd played Magas earlier... this show sowed the seed that became the genesis of gutter glamour... or something.


Time Zone: World Destruction
I'm starting to like Bill Laswell a lot. this seems to have been a one-off project feat Afrika Bambaataa and John Lydon (when he was arty and still relevant, b4 he went back to being Johnny Rotten. These days he's Roger Daltrey.) With the music of Laswell's band Material with Laswell rockin the bass and DMX and P-funk man Bernie Worrell on the space synth. Great tune. Look below, somewhere in this blog, I look up Time Zone on discogs.com... I was wrong, Time Zone was a Bambaataa project that put out some other tunes.


Malcolm McLaren: Madam Butterfly
Tom Tom Club: Genius of Love
One of my favourites from the 8ties, I heart this song so much. And the Tom Tom Club tune after it.

Daniel Wang: Pistol Oderso
Casco: Cybernetic Love (Instrumental)
These two, first from the excellent Disco Nouveau series on Ghostly International, which I've been playing a lot for awhile now, the second from the third EP from Radius Records always remind me of Miami Vice. Or at least Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Le Syndicat Electronique: Plastic to Plastic
Porn.darsteller: Slave Machine
These two are from Invasion Planete records from France. I play as much of their stuff as I can. Excellent underground underrated undersung electro. Dark, edgy, often perverse. These two are older, but the new stuff I play is excellent too.

Drexciya: Drexcyen Star Chamber
Can't recommend Drexciya enough. One of my most favourite tunes from him/them and probably one of the last. From an excellent ep out on Clone records last year.


Bush Tetras: Too Many Creeps
ESG: You Make No Sense
Echowest: Engelstur
Lizzy Mercier Descloux: Wawa
Material: Secret Life
All old tunes (7ties, 8ties) from some recent compilations. Bush Tetras from "Rough Trade Shops Post Punk 01", ESG and Lizzy Mercier Descloux from "New York Noise" (Soul Jazz) which also includes Bush Tetras and a bunch of other great NYC bands from 1978-1982. Echowest are from "New Deutsch" (Gigolo) -- obscure old dark synth and electro-punk from Germany -- I've been playing this one a good bit. Material are from "More G.D.M. Vol. 4" on Tigersushi, flip of that record is an excellent old house track from Terrence Parker.

Adult.: Glue Your Eyelids Together
Adult.: Suck the Air
Erase Errata: Marathon (Adult. Remix)
Probably my two favourite Adult. tunes, until they make some more. Dig that Erase Errata remix too.


Lime: Angel Eyes
Along with ESG's "Moody", one of the 8ties tunes here. Lime have to have been one of the highlights of early 80's Italo/synth disco. This track is from 1983 and prefigures dance music from later in that decade like Erasure and also retro artists of today -- check my favourite "Disco Nouveau" (Ghostly International), and Legowelt in particular. It also contains one of the greatest 4-finger synth riffs of the 8ties and might be my favourite from Lime. I'll be playing more of these artists.

Klein & MBO: Dirty Talk (A Touch of Class Re-edit)
Scissor Sisters: Comfortably Numb (Dub)
I've been playing a lot of A Touch of Class, who can possibly redeem NYC from the stylistic excesses of the past few years. Or maybe they're excessivly stylish, but their tunes are good. Check out their A Touch of Class Sucks! compilation from their own label for a selection of their tunes, productions and remixes. The first one here is a re-edit of Klein and MBO's classic "Dirty Talk" that still manages to sound vintage 80's, yet improves on the original version. The second tune is the Pink Floyd tune and it sounds exactly like the Bee Gees. If the Bee Gees rocked. Makes you wonder why the Brothers Gibb never tried this one.


The Bloods: Button Up
More from "New York Noise." I think this was their only single. Great one.

Playgroup: Hooked on U
From "Kitsune Love" multi-12" compilation which features Lacquer and Shakedown, among others. There's a CD, too, now. I think it has more songs on it.

Giorgio Moroder: Palm Springs Drive
From "American Gigolo" soundtrack. Basically instrumental version of Blondie's "Call Me" which kicks it off.

James Cotton: I Seek
From the State of the Union ep on Spectral / Ghostly International. It also features tunes from Matthew Dear, Flexitone and Osborne.

Keine Ahnung: Plastik
One more from "New Deutsch." Maybe my favourite track.

Blondie: Atomic
I heart Blondie! From my favourite record by them, "Eat to the Beat." "Parallel Lines" is also excellent, but I like this one a little more.

Puff Daddy: Let's Get Ill (Deep Dish Remix)
I apologize for playing this one. But I still like it a lot. I'm sorry.

Ellen Allien: Sehnsuchs
Another from her Berlinette lp, which I'm still loving.


Yunx: Muddy Funksters
From their "Customer Service" ep, probably one of the best records I've bought all year. They have an album and some new ones, too, but I don't have 'em. Yet. Yunx is good.

The Soft Pink Truth: Satie (Grey Corduroy Suit) (Herbert's Walk Free Mix)
I've been playing a lot of Soft Pink Truth for a while. I heart him/her/it/them... actually it's really Drew Daniel bka Matmos. This is probably my absolute favourite, from the "Acting Crazy" ep -- I got a bubblegum pink vinyl one!

Dinosaur L: Clean on Your Bean #1
Loose Joints: Shoot the Pump
Dinosaur L was an Arthur Russell project including members of Ingram. He was also behind Loose Joints (see next track) among other things and is sadly no longer with us. Yeah, I may be getting a bit rare groove-y here in the future. This track come from "New York Noise" and is actually the Francois Kevorkian remix. Feel it and be groovy.

Inhumanz: Forget me Frontin' (Pharrell vs Patrice Rushen)
Another one from those wicked folks who gave us "50 Inch Nails".


Pluton and the Humanoids: World Invaders
Sounds a bit like I-f "Space Invaders are Smoking Grass" only a bit more disco? This is from the 8ties and the original. Massive tune. From Unclassics #2 on Environ.

Hi Fi Serious: Because (A Touch of Class Dub)
Sounds familiar too. Cuz it's the Beatles song!

Ulysses: But I'm Trying ft. Dei (Club Mix)
Second selection from the recent ep of the same name by longtime glitterbox fave.

Luomo: Shelter
Second selection from their "The Present Lover" lp, possibly the record of the year. Cover makes it look like electroclash-by-numbers, but it's actually really lovely lush house music. Very nice sound. Sometimes deliciously trashy, often kind of morose. I like it a lot.

Aural Exciters: Spooks in Space (Discomix)
Wierd one this, just re-released on ZE records. Produced by Bob Blank, mixed up by Tom Savarese and featuring the talents of, among others, James Chance (of Contortions/Blacks fame!), glitterbox fave Lizzy Mercier Descloux, and August Darnell (aka Kid Creole). Trashy disco tune from their "Emile Night Rate" ep, cheeky title, no? (pun not intended. Oh, OK, it was. Does that Aural Exciter have Big Bottom?) Dig the spooky cover, too! The rest of the record is more end-of-the-7ties NY wierdness, which will ensure that more of it will enter steady rotation here.

The Universal Robot Band: Barely Breaking Even
(also reference made to Eastside Connection's "You're So Right for Me", Pat Lundy's "Work Song", and Suzy Q's "Get on Up and Do It Again")
Aw, nice one! From, like the Pat Lundy and Eastside Connection tunes, Dimitri from Paris' "Disco Forever" collection from a few years back. On the BBE label (wonder where they got their name from?) Real Paradise Garage sound, to my ears anyway. Along with that next tune, by Suzy Q, on the Mantronix collection on Soul Jazz ("...you're so sleazy, when you tease me.") Think both of these have to be going into rotation.

Grace Jones: Comme un Oiseau qui s'Envole
Grace Jones: La Vie en Rose
These last two are faves from one of my most favourite singers. More downtempo, if they can be called that. The second one is the Edith Piaf song. Too pretty!


Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Science Fiction Double Feature
"at the... Science Fiction Double Feature Picture Show ...by RKO!"

Tango and Ratty: Tales from the Darkside
I enjoyed playing the old skool hardcore/rave/jungle tunes so much! I'm gonna start spinning them again. Sometime.

Mat-101: Haunted House
Mat-101: Goblin 101
Two from him, like I-f. "Haunted House" is a Disco Nouveau track, like I-f's "Holographic Voice." "Goblin 101" is a bit older, 1999, and is probably the spoookiest song ever made! Really.


Joy Division: Shadowplay
This track and the Joy Division track before it share the same producer! Martin Hannett. Who's become one of my favourites from the post-punk years. ESG, as the "South Bronx Story" (Soul Jazz) collection tells us, played both The Factory and The Paradise Garage. And shared a bill with The Clash and Grandmaster Flash. It also tells us that "UFO" was the most sampled track in the early days of hip-hop. ESG are still together and I really like them.

Judas Priest: Living After Midnight
Second track I've played in a week from their butt-rock masterpiece "British Steel". It's not the only album I have by them too. hehe. Their old CDs, being 1980s Columbia releases, are mastered like crap and aren't loud at all. Buy the vinyl or the new remastered Priest CDs which have extra tunes on 'em! I have both and the extra stuff is worth it.

The Pop Group: She is Beyond Good and Evil
Like the Gang of Four tune, from the Soul Jazz collection "In the Beginning There Was Rhythm" -- excellent collection of funky post-punk. A Certain Ratio, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, The Human League, The Pop Group, Gang of Four, The Slits, 23 Skidoo (still putting out great records! or have recently), This Heat. More from this in the future.


Orbital: Satan (Intro)
Just the intro, the rest was an otherwise rather lame attempt at industrial, from their mostly excellent first album. (the green one.) This intro, so far as I know, first appeared on a Butthole Surfers record, from which Orbital nicked it. It also appears on one by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who credited the Surfers on it. It's pretty funny.

Dirty Mary: Drinkin & Drivin
"Kinda like third grade, play Pole Position!!" haha! I almost played the similarly-themed Black Flag song at this point, but didn't. I love Dirty Mary and this tune appears on the New York City Rock n Roll compilation. On Radical Records and compiled by Steven Blush, it features Sex Slaves, Queen V, Detox Darlings, Skum, The Compulsions, Joker Five Speed, Slunt (yay! I love Slunt), Banana Fish Zero, Firegods, Pisser, Dirty Mary, Bantam, The Drive, Go to Town, Pretty Suicide, Apocalypstik, Grounded, Supervillan, The Nolan Gate, This, The Slags, and Starr... whew! It is probably the greatest rock lp out all year ...F* Fischerspooner and the Strokes, this is the real sound of NYC ...or should be. Just buy it. Goto www.newyorkcityrocknroll.com ...More on it later....

Erase Errata: Ease on over
Another one from their excellent "At Crystal Palace" lp on Troublemanunlimited records.

Gang of Four: I Found that Essence Rare
Like a couple other songs, Bush Tetras "Too Many Creeps" and The Futureheads "Robot", from the Rough Trade Shops Post Punk 01 compilation. Actually, I only have the 4-song vinyl ep, the 44-track double CD is out now and has a hellacious amount of post-punk tunes on it, old and new. Futureheads are actually a new band... even if they sound 1979, or just like the Mekons at various stages of their career.

Wolf Eyes & Black Dice: Side B
Entire 1-track B-side of collaborative ep from these two well-connected new kings of noise bands. Inside picture shows them amongst piles of electronic toys. cool!
(by the way, there's probably something wrong with somebody that plays this and Acid Mothers Temple after it, in a show that also includes the "Magic Stroke" mash-up. Or else I'm a genius. Hm, not as likely.)


Sonic Boom/Spectrum: Indian Summer
1/2 of Spacemen 3, which makes him a Spaceman 1.5 ...actually there were 2 key Spacemen in the end, and while the other one went on to do great things as Spiritualized, I've always been a bit partial to Sonic Boom's work. This comes from the Sympathy for the Record Industry compilation "Their Sympathetic Majesties Request Vol. 2" which came out this year. Great stuff, could be the record of the year even if it's a compilation of late-early 90s music. Too many good bands on here, I've also played songs by The Humpers, D-Generation, The Muffs and the Friggs on my show. And any record that has Wreckless Eric singing about Joe Meek is automatically irressistable. One of the best looking record jackets ever with cool art and photos, dig the Blythe doll and the tribute to Brian Jones, who remains my favourite Rolling Stone. Yes, I know. That's why.

Manitoba: Seaweed
Manitoba: I've Lived on a Dirt Road All My Life
I've been playing Dan Snaith's work as Manitoba for a while but have been itching for an excuse to play the more psychedelic-rock tunes for nearly as long. There ya go.

John Cameron Mitchell & Stephen Trask: Milford Lake
From the "Wig in a Box" CD which features covers of songs from "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" by a variety of people and a couple new songs, another by Robyn Hitchcock and this one by the Hedwig originators... and probably my favourite. Great CD.

The Human League: Being Boiled
From the "In the Beginning There Was Rhythm" compilation, which informs us that this one one of the very first all electronic records released in the UK, along with the Normal's "Warm Leatherette." I did know that this was from before the members of Heaven 17 split the League, whilst Phil Oakey got together a new lineup that delivered all the pop hits we loved from the early 80s. And I played this after Candy Flip -- this time, I did play "Strawberry Fields", the second Beatles tune ever played here.

New Order: Your Silent Face
"You've caught me at a bad time, so why don't you p1ss off?" One of my most favourite songs from New Order and still holds up after all these years.

Magazine: A Song From Under the Floorboards
Second song I've played from Magazine's excellent "The Correct Use of Soap" lp which was produced by Martin Hannett. Members of Magazine included Howard Devoto (post-Buzzcocks) and Barry Adamson and they have to be oneof my favourite bands.

Beige: The Great Krautrock Swindle
I know I played this one before, but I love this tune so much. Great title, too.

Blondie: Picture This
Blondie: Denis
Blondie: Union City Blue
Three of my most favourite Blondie songs, from, respectively, the "Parallel Lines", "Plastic Letters" and "Eat to the Beat" lps.


Helen Love: Shifty Disco Girl
From her "Love and Glitter, Hot Days and Muzik" lp ...can't resist the title, but why there's happy hardcore (rave, not punk) on it, I don't know. (Worth it too for the duet with Joey Ramone which should have been on his solo lp.) This song has some of the funniest, most brilliant snarky lines innit, like "she'll dance to anything but St. Etienne" and "she looks like Marc Bolan on a bad hair day." And thats "SHIFTY Disco Girl" with a F. It's British.

Suicide King: She's Fast
From the NYC Suicide King, not the other one. One of the best bands ever from here. Comes from their CD on Intensive Scare records. This is GOOD stuff.

Detox Darlings: 7 Songs in the Jukebox
Along with Sex Slaves, more from "New York City Rock n Roll". It's kinda the second coming of NYC rock. Or, rather the fifth or seventh coming. This compilation kinda reminds me of "NYC SCUM Rock: Live at CBGB's" which came out on ROIR over a decade ago. Sound quality's better, since this one's not live. Gina (from Lunachicks, now of Bantam) appears on both records; however, I think the Lunachicks were about ten years old then! There is not a bad song/band here and it's probably the r'n'r record of the year. Irrelevant Village Voice critic Robert Christgau hated it, which you know means it has to be excellent. I like it a lot, too cuz a lot of these bands are female or female-fronted and they all rock. All these guys played parties hosted by Stephen Blush @ Don Hill's, which is the kind of bar I would own if I owned one. Love Blush's liner notes, which include an opinionated, brilliantly snarky history of New York rock. I like that he mentions the late Johnny Heff (a real American hero) of The Bullys. And the Toilet Boys, even if he describes them as a "gay punk version of hair metal." Which is actually kinda accurate, come to think of it. Anyway, this record might be the definition of "gutter glamour" and I love this kinda stuff, along with everything else.

Gore Gore Girls: Up all Night
The cover of this lp looks just like an Adult. record. That's cuz the photography is by Nicola Kuperis. Of Adult. Both bands are from Detroit. Other than that I don't think there's any connection.

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: Eleanor
Hey, that's "London Calling"! Me First invented the mash-up! Or at least the rock mash-up, mash-ups were probably invented by Grandmaster Flash or Cas.

Dead Boys: Not Anymore / A'int Nothin' to Do (medley)
"Hey Cheetah! Yeah, Stiv." I love the Dead Boys.

Ramones: Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?
"Do you remember Murray the K?" Um, no. I think Phil Spector produced this one sometime after he tortured John Lennon and way before he (allegedly) killed the Barbarian Queen.

The Breeders: Wicked Little Town (Hedwig Version)
Another favourite from "Wig in a Box." Apart from the 2 I played, I liked Frank Black and Polyphonic Spree and Yoko Ono's tunes best. And Rufus Wainwright's, although I havent been able to get into his music at all. Proceeds go the Hetrick-Martin Institute/Harvey Milk School, the place for gay kids in NYC.

Lou Reed: Coney Island Baby
Throughout his long career, Lou Reed has often proved as foolish as he is brilliant, sometimes all at once. The "Coney Island Baby" is largely free of the former, apart from the song where he (literally) proclaims himself "God's Gift to Women". And oh yeah, he's dressed like a [i][b]mime [/b][/i]on the cover. I love this lp, and especially the closing, title track. Which, for what it's worth, closed last week's show.

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