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Friday, January 09, 2004

My personal favourites of 2003, which was actually quite a good year for music, if nothing else...

Luomo: The Present Lover (Forcetracks 3xlp)
Vladislav Delay's side project that snuck up on me and became the record of the year. Verrry nice sound. Lovely lush house music that’s sometimes deliciously trashy, often kind of morose. Enveloping grooves that I so love getting lost in. Songs can be pretty long, but don't feel it. In fact, I didn't want to leave this record when it ended.

Matthew Dear: Leave Luck to Heaven (Spectral Sound/Ghostly International 2xlp)
Brilliant techno-by-way-of-microhouse excursion with some real tunes hidden along the way and enough warm grooves to make it worth the trip. Balances pop sensibilities and the "I" in IDM in a way that should leave other artists jealous and leaves us all hope for the future of electronic music.

Adult.: Anxiety Always (Ersatz Audio 2xlp)
This lp found them, as others did in 2003 with varying degrees of success, embracing c.1979 post-punk and making it work with their existing Detroit-electro-pop sound, which is all the better for it. Adult. write real songs and their at-first-cute-now-increasingly-a-bit-scarey neuroses run deep. While their lyrics can still be a bit glib at times, they are quite good and better than just about everyone who graduated (or didn't) from the school of stylish irony.

Yunx: Customer Service (Yunx Recordings/www.baked-goods.com ep)
Delicious almagamam of Detroitish -- although they're British -- techno and IDM. Beautiful. Outclasses many other heretofore better-known artistes. Yunx put out a lot of stuff this year, and while this is all I have, I will buy it all.

Invasion Planete Phonogrammes 4th Anniversary (Invasion Planete lp)
Dark, minimal, pervy, but also often comfortably retro-synthy electro from France that (thankfully) doesn't play by the rules. Invasion Planete artists got a lot of play this first year on the glitterbox. This record marked their 4th anniversary (duh), and, dammit, this should have been the sound of the past 4 years.

Millsart: Every Dog has its Day (Axis lps)
Of all the releases Jeff Mills put out this year, including the nearly as good "Medium", these were my favourites. (Though I don't have them all yet.) I tend to prefer his more ambient, mellow grooves and here he delivered. So warm and dare-I-say sunny from the-rarely-described-as-"sunny" Detroit.

New York Noise: Dance Music from the New York Underground 1978-1982 (Soul Jazz 2xlp)
Captures that brief, glorious time in NY musical history where underground rock met underground dance and what resulted was music of rarely equalled eclectitude (I just made up a word!) and complexity. Tends more to the rock, post-punk "No Wave" and flat out strange (meaning I like it).

The Soft Pink Truth: Acting Crazy (Soundslike ep)
This Matmos side project brought us quirkily retro (and stylish) queer-themed electroid-idm-a bit-disco-by-way-of-microhouse that ranges from the decidedly tetchy to the sinfully soulful. This one sported brilliant remixes by the likes of Safety Scissors and along with the "Do You Party?" lp, I played A LOT of Soft Pink Truth this year.

Legowelt: Classics 1998-2003 (Bunker/Clone 2xlp)
These freaks almost single-handedly brought back Italodisco, one of glitterbox's most beloved forms of music and I love them for it. I play them pretty heavily on the radio, although I got this retrospective collection too late in the year to add it.

Icebreaker International & Manual: Into Forever (NATOarts/Morr Music lp)
Breathtakingly deep, deceptively simple synth-and-guitar ambience, as expansive and beautiful as space.

Other stuff: Kitsune Love compilation, Ghostly in general, Kompakt in general, Manitoba, Beige, Benge, Akufen, Erase Errata, The Chap, A Touch of Class, Electric 6, all the remixers and mash-up artists.

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