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Freeform eclectronica: new and old. (Hehe, I'm so clever.) Music that falls through the cracks: electro, Italo disco, synth, post-punk, funk, old NYC favourites, obscure 70s/80s, idm, Detroit and other techno techno, acid, microhouse, bedroom bleeps, mash-ups and loads more.

NOT the same old "dance" or "electronic" selections. And when I play 8ties stuff, it's not the same old tunes everyone was already sick of by 1985. It IS quirky, new, and different, often obscure, always interesting and fun. I play whatever it is I'm feeling, from music for dancing to certifiable chillage and points inbetween. It's a great station for home, work or wherever. Playlists are carefully selected and sound quality is way better than it should be at this bitrate.

Latest station news appears, and is archived here.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Cannot sleep... Anyway, more new stuff on Gutter Glamour (it's on two days, now) and on Glitterbox. I also need to type up 4 additional playlists, which is a new record for procrastination on my part. Glitterbox -- if there were visuals, I could have Blitterbox or Jitterbox -- has gotten some newish tunes I should added already, and also some 80's stuff. Different 80's stuff, yo... Good stuff. My selections for Random Noise are shaping up nicely -- generative music, noise, microsoundish experiments, VGM, wierd stuff I can't fit in normally. Expect field recordings too, although I will have to dig through my minidiscs to find some, so those will probably wait. Too bad it's only 4 hours It will repeat Sundays, after Gutter Glamour.

And John Kerry is alright with me. Better than the alternatives.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I am a total nerd. When I say the sound is awesome, I mean it's true to the way that 80's videogames sounded... by todays standards it's crap but it sounds good as crap. Never mind. Although Taito games on Saturn had a very good old school sound... Bubble Bobble in particular is the equal of the Midway Collection. Taito also had beautiful music on its more advanced Saturn games -- Galactic Attack/Layer Section 1 as well as the Raystorm sequels on PS1 are particularly nice. They were scored by Zuntata. (Capcom's GigaWing on Dreamcast sounds rather similar.) Although respect has to be given to Treasure's Radiant Silvergun. Saturn tended to sound very nice, particularly with old school (coded? tracked?) music. Even the CD player was cool. I wish Sega, since they were out of that business would make their old systems public domain/open source or something. There's always Linux on Dreamcast.

Yup... VGM (video game music) is likely coming to my station soon
Posted this before... ok, once in awhile, I post some totally irrelvant crap here:

Check this one out...

I picked up this excellent collection for Playstation 2 -- "Midway Arcade Treasures" -- HIGHLY recommended. Probably available for other systems as well. Bit more generous than Namco too. Includes games not just from Midway, but from Williams and later-period Atari.

Is worth it alone for these two:

Spy Hunter (Controls are bit complicated, but they were in the arcade. The arcade machine still beats the PS2 controller, maybe using a PS2 wheel would help.)
Marble Madness (yay! Actually there were decent home versions but it's nice to have the arcade version finally. Love the music.)

These are also definitely worth having:
Robotron 2084 (yes! The arcade machine had probably the best control scheme ever and it rocks again with the PS2 analog twinsticks)
Smash TV (Basically the same game--different premise and even more intense and bloody.)
Defender/Defender II (aka Stargate. PS2 controller shines here.)
Sinistar (yes! With the sassy talking skull... you know it. It still rocks. BEWARE. I LIVE.)

Lost gems:
Joust/Joust 2 (Actually everyone loves Joust with good reason. The sequel didn’t do very well. I don’t remember it at all. But Joust II is excellent and totally worth having.)
Blaster (I have a dim memory of this game existing, and I wondered what the H* became of it. It’s a rather impressive forward-scrolling first person space shooter. Still quite fun with rather trippy graphics and enjoyable for its sheer bit-ness.)

These are quite good and some people will definitely remember them fondly:
RoadBlasters (rather simple forward-scrolling Spy Hunter for dummies... pretty fun)
Paperboy (so much fun. More fun than it should be)
Root Beer Tapper (But not the adult beer version)

These are more obscure but pretty good:
Satan's Hollow (SATAN!!!)
Vindicators (has a tank in it. Pretty cool)
Rampart (Don't have the attention span for this one.)

These are pretty bad. In my opinion:
Toobin' (Nice to look at though.)
SPLAT! (Kinda like Food Fight but possibly crappier. Can be kinda fun though. SPLAT! was only a prototype and was never released. Until now.)
Super Sprint (top-down crar racing game on a circular track. Would be fun maybe if you could control the damn car.)

Stuff I would love to have seen:
Tempest (Done to death on Atari compilations already and the excellent PS1 updates can still be found used, but it would have been nice to see it here.)
Crystal Castles (This game rules)
Bezerk (Was a Stern game though.)
Wizard of Wor
Gorf (Gorf does include a part based on Namco's Galaxian, so putting the full arcade version here might have been impossible.)
Moon Patrol (And why not?)

Most of the games are a total blast and they seem to be total arcade emulations. (PS2 typically takes too long to load them.) The sound is awesome; I haven’t heard it this good on the computer or on consoles before. Hearing the primitive synth sounds (even for then) and sound effects are a hoot as is any game that includes voice samples or speech synthesis. There’s extra history lessons and interviews as well. They are somewhat incomplete but what there is can be quite good and fun to read and watch. Williams games have the most extensive documentation, as they own everyone else, and they seem to have recycled some of it from older Williams collections. (One time, Atari Jaguar is mentioned as an extant system.) They do interview one of the creators of Spy Hunter, which is pretty interesting. The interviews with Williams’ Eugene Jarvis, et al. rule. The one on Blaster is probably my favourite; lots of funny facts on that game.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Dressed to the nines... at sixes and sevens with you.

I'll be playing Gutter Glamour Sundays as well...8am to 8pm EST, same time. New playlists for that, I know I've been neglecting it a bit more than I should have.

Best of Glitterbox shows may conclude this week... There's a bunch of new disco and electro and idm and whatnot I want to get on. Random Noise is taking shape... will be more freeform and experimental than usual. Maygo for 4 hours Wednesday nites and repeat on Sunday nites.

New tunes in kitster... more stuff to come all round online.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Updates to kitster (kitster.moonfruit.com)... pretty happy there, although I might re-record last 2 (jungle/ambient) tunes. Will redo kitster logo text -- it looks that way since the original font wouldn't vectorize right -- that's what I get for using Adobe LiveMotion! Back to Flash on my old Mac -- never got a PC version of it. Will probably redo meo3 pages next.

I think I caused some kind of schedulling glitch on my station Wednesday night as when I checked in on it today (Thursday) it seemed to be running old mix shows over and over. whoops! Station, after slumping for a long time, is getting a few more listeners. While I'm pretty skint, it seems I can afford to run it at the current level and afford to bring back my old (old skool) station as well... Meow/Glitterbox will have been on the air for a year next month. Best of shows will probably finish up while I do some new shows of techno, electro and disco.

Random Noise will include more wierdness than my usual broadcast, like the wierder stuff and wierder still, stuff I wouldn't let myself play normally. Will also be truly freeform.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Mix shows are totally moving to Thursday nites, as more people seem to be listening then. Not sure what time I'll have them on, maybe earlier, but probably nothing too different. Wednesday nites will be taken up by a new show called "Random Noise." yay!

More of my own tunes will come soon as well, and I probably should type up some playlists.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Can I get a bowow from my puppies to my kittens?

Tune in early tonight -- 9pm EST to hear some of the of the newer mix shows you might have missed. Then an all-new mix show after that... I may be going a bit longer tonight too. Since the "mucked-up" mash-up et cetera shows were so popular last year, I'll be doing a bunch of new ones... some favourite tunes that haven't been heard together before plus some new tracks. Promises to be very fun and hopefully I'll outdo last year's!

I will repeat it tomorrow (Thursday) @ 8pm EST.

And new tunes coming to Gutter Glamour (and all of glitterbox) soon!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Oh yeah, send me hate mail and I'll likely publish it. One, so everybody can see you are a douchebag. And two, so I can make fun of you. Message board postings I usually don't give a isht about. However, those are fair game if you are are especially funny or idiotic or both.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Thieving kittenses stole the preciouss....

And we're not giving it back!

More goodies coming up this week on Glitterbox. Mix shows are a go,
again. Getting the hang of doing them on the computer too.

Last 2 playlists:

BOGBOX01 1.15.04 Best of Glitterbox 2k3 1

Adam and the Ants: Stand and Deliver
The Fox: Ride On (ATOC Disco Dub)
A Touch of Class: Startup
Magas: Pocket Racers
Adult.: Glue YOur Eyelids Together
Adult.: Suck the Air
Secret Weapons: Bumps
D-Generation: Wasted Years
The Muffs: Big Mouth
Detox Darlings: 7 Songs in the Jukebox
Sex Slaves: 2 A.M.
Queen V: Good Girl Gone
Gore Gore Girls: Standin' on the Corner
Magazine: Because You're Frightened
Erase Errata: The White Horse is Bucking
Erase Errata: Marathon (Adult. RMX)
Erase Errata: Ease on Over
Tamion 12 Inch: Thin Boys Murdered
Gang of Four: I Found that Essence Rare
Glenn Branca: Lesson No.1 for Electric Guitar
Joy Division: Shadowplay
This Heat: 24 Track Loop

BOGBOX02 1.21.04 Best of Glitterbox 2k3 2

Radiohead: Stand Up Sit Down (RAS B119 Sith mix)
The Darkness vs SFB: I Believe in a Thing Called Love (RMX)
Electric Six: She's White
Kinky Peeches (Mash-up: Peaches vs the Kinks)
Peaches vs The Hives
Stupid Fresh vs the Cars: I Like the Nightlife Baby / Bad Cabbage: You're Rude (Get F*ed)
Tuxedomoon: No Tears (Hans Platzgumer RMX)
The Chap: Why Don't You Hit Me Back?
The Things: I Don't Care
The Rapture: Killing
Crossover: Phostograph (Tiga's Revenge)
Magazine: A Song From Under the Floorboards

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