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Freeform eclectronica: new and old. (Hehe, I'm so clever.) Music that falls through the cracks: electro, Italo disco, synth, post-punk, funk, old NYC favourites, obscure 70s/80s, idm, Detroit and other techno techno, acid, microhouse, bedroom bleeps, mash-ups and loads more.

NOT the same old "dance" or "electronic" selections. And when I play 8ties stuff, it's not the same old tunes everyone was already sick of by 1985. It IS quirky, new, and different, often obscure, always interesting and fun. I play whatever it is I'm feeling, from music for dancing to certifiable chillage and points inbetween. It's a great station for home, work or wherever. Playlists are carefully selected and sound quality is way better than it should be at this bitrate.

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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Top 3 in the glitterbox last week:

1. The Things - Stupid (Tomorrow People rmx)
Stupid is as stupid does.

2. Manuel Mind & Valentino Tomas - Strange Sounds (ATOC's Robot rmx)
One of my most favourite tracks from ATOC's "A Touch of Class Sucks!" collection, a 2-record set that got a lot of play on my station last year. I think the British would say it got caned. This tracks sounds like... hmmm... imagine if, in the early-mid-80's, the BeeGees teamed up with Herbie Hancock and Bill Laswell to make breakdance tracks. Yeah, it kinda sounds like that.

3. Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It? (Original)
Ahh... yeah. Early house gem that's never been surpassed, and one of the most beautiful tracks ever. The organ riffs, in particular, are heartbreaking. It's lo-fi -- when I first got it, I was checking my levels and my needles and stuff -- but so fuzzy, warm and soft, you can't resist. And there's no improving on it. I like the vocal version and remixes a lot, too, but I chose the original cuz it's so sweet.

Dang, you'd think I'd be becoming a classic rave broadcast already. (Yeah, like I used to do, and may soon) Next thing you know, I'll be playing Joey Beltram and even "Dominator" next. Oops, yeah....

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