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NOT the same old "dance" or "electronic" selections. And when I play 8ties stuff, it's not the same old tunes everyone was already sick of by 1985. It IS quirky, new, and different, often obscure, always interesting and fun. I play whatever it is I'm feeling, from music for dancing to certifiable chillage and points inbetween. It's a great station for home, work or wherever. Playlists are carefully selected and sound quality is way better than it should be at this bitrate.

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Playlists! w00t.

BIGMUFF01a 4.01.04 Mash-up Favourites

Inhumanz: Dirt off Your Sober (Jay-Z vs Tool)+
Princess is a DJ: Can I Get a? (Princess Superstar vs Black Sabbath)
Inhumanz: Magic Stroke (50 Inch Nails (50 Cent vs Nine Inch Nails / Lil Kim & 50 Cent vs Billy Squire)
Missy Elliot vs AC/DC: Get Ur Freak On Back in Black)
Inhumanz: Get Low in an Elevator (L'il Jon vs Aerosmith) / Suck Up (Ludacris vs Red Hot Chili Peppers)
/ Ever Been Caught Stealing (Clipse vs Jane's Addiction)++
Girls on Top: No Scrubs (TLC vs the Human League)
Radioslave vs L'il Kim: The Jump Off / ...vs White Stripes Seven Nation Army
Lumidee vs Michael Jackson: Never Leave Billie Jean
Kylie vs ABC: Kylie is a Zillionaire
Hollertronix: David Banner vs the Eurhythmics (lemme guess... "Sweet Dreams Like a Pimp"?)+++
Girls on Top: I Wanna Dance with Numbers (Whitney Houston vs Kraftwerk)
Missy Elliott vs the Normal: Gossip Folks/ Warm Leatherette++++
Inhumanz: Gossip Horse (Missy Elliott & Ludacris vs Laid Back)
Kinky Peeches: Peaches vs the Kinks
Dub Diablo: Peaches vs the Hives

+The absolute best I've heard with Jay-Z. There's also one (by someone else) that mashes this tune with "Go Mental" by the Ramones which is also very good. Love that Tool song too

++Three more faves, especially the Ludacris one... "Stand Up" with "Suck My Kiss" ...irresistible!

+++Hollertronix = the sign of quality.

BIGMUFF01b 4.01.04 Mash-up Favourites

Inhumanz: Forget Me Frontin' (Pharrell vs Patrice Rushen)
David Bowie: Let's Dance (Club Bolly rmx)
Eminem meets Michael Jackson / Michael Jackson meets Busta
("Wanna Be Startin' Something" vs "Without Me" and "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" ...classic.)
Missy Elliott: Work It (white label remix)
The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army (Rip It Off Acid Mix) / ...vs Slide
/ White Stripped (FK1000 The Hardest Button to Button rmx)
The Darkness vs SFB: I Believe in a Thing Called Love (rmx)
Radiohead: Stand Up Sit Down (RAS B119 Sith mix)
Joey Beltram vs the Normal: Crash
Bad Cabbage vs Stupid Fresh & The Cars: Whoa! The Rude Nitelife Cops Get F*ed (Kitty Glitter mash'd)
Los Hombres Invisibles: Bodyworkin' Day and Night (Beastie Boys vs Michael Jackson)
Bootyshaker vs the Jungle Brothers: JB Shake

BIGMUFF01c 4.01.04 Mash-up Favourites

The Mummy vs The Rapture: Acid House of Jealous Lovers
Radioslave vs 50 Cent vs Adonis: No Way Back (In Da Club)
50 Cent: In Da Club (NY Party Punk Trash rmx)
Inhumanz: Pass that Can (Missy Elliott vs Can ...!!)
Bootyshaker: Grandmaster Felix -- Bitter Sweet Seduction
Prince vs Sinergy: When Doves Cry (rmx)
Jimi Hendrix: Gypsy Eyes (Baby Boy's rmx)

very fun, long show... some of the older mashies may be retiring after this. Thanks to all the artists, original artists and remixers as well.

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