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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Spam Poetry!

Some excellent examples of the genre:

In this first piece, esteemed spam poet Posteriors T. Wurlitzer seems to be channeling the spirit of Andre Breton with his modern-day take on early 20th century French Surrealist poetry with perhaps a touch of Dada or Italian Futurism in the first line:


by Posteriors T. Wurlitzer

tore through a crowded Moscow subway car, And yesterday, well, hold back the tears. David Toms is making his first start following surgery to the sale of illegal drugs to elite athletes in search of a performance-enhancing edge. Jack Myers and his equity partners have legal entitlements to and there's no mention of Jell-O sculptures.

More accessible, yet no less modern, this Japanese-themed piece comes to us from an unexpected source, the famous Iranian (or is that Uzbekistani?) poet Tazanir Zurugijem:

Bukkake Barn

by Tazanir Zurugijem:

red meant fancies neighboring described,
meadows remembered antvpalace, confined mayor mountain.
twice harness shortly circle rule, yes thus.
nothing series taking daylight saving.

well talk this pleasing key armor.
border louder, taken seized unjust hind shy?
invitation breeding, ceiling serious setting songs.

Beautiful, really. Exotic, yet familiar. I would love to hear it in its original language, whatever it is.

Beloved downtown curmudgeon Loomed G. Leaflet brings us this example of Beat poetry constructed entirely from Chinese fortune cookie fortunes:

Finest medication for you!

by Loomed G. Leaflet

So for a good old-gentlemanly vice, I think I must take up with avarice*
In lapidary inscriptions a man is not upon oath*
Public schools are the nurseries of all vice and immorality*

We are able to ship worldwide

There are but two ways of paying debt: Increase of industry in raising income, increase of thrift in laying out*

Your easy-to-use solution is here

You are really anonymous!

The secret of getting things done is to act!
It is like the seed put in the soil -- the more one sows, the greater the harvest*

And finally, from the poetry slam scene, come these two works by young up-and-coming slam poets. These poems would be best accompanied by some beatboxing, 808s and/or turntables. Not that they need any more "street cred". Not how the first poem quotes Loomed G. Leaflet and how the second one ironically breaks into an advertising pitch midway. What a statement.

Downloadable software cheap

by Empress M. Naipaul

Well well!
Somehow a bachelor never quite gets over the idea that he is a thing of beauty and a boy forever*

We are able to ship worldwide*
Nothing real can be threatened* Nothing unreal exists* Herein lies the peace of God*
I'm not a genius* I'm just a tremendous bundle of experience*

*I believe the asterisks signifiy the author making a bass drum sound with her mouth. Very multicultural as well. Next:

X . A . E . X chalk

by karmen Annas

silver grey/gray head existence nail political direction together face moon liquid like wide gun dry low little do every true organization debt credit waste dog heat offer probable rest theory wind light quick slope company curtain stitch humorice mouth business very acid pain tongue soft enough square reward mist boot art brake flame disease linen wool awake as porter serious fruit animal dear advertisement spade special potato prison decision comfort

Click Here For V i c o d i n and X a n e x and C i a l i s

cough clean parallel smile loss hole look sail mind a start nose mother not soft a needle end library paste among different baby punishment question table linen feeling use broken ticket necessary representative manager sex competition finger direction flat stick pull note hearing pen burst person

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