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Thursday, April 29, 2004

told ya so. frightening...

Back once again for the renegade badger!

last week's shows... yes, I will play them again if you wish to be tortured... no really, they were quite good, even if the second one gets a wee bit cheesy.

SMASHBOX01b 4.22.04 mashed up fresh out the disco kitchen

Cropstar: Pea Bomb (Bucketheads vs Black Eyed Peas)
Boney M: Daddy Cool (Whitelabel Mix)
Diana Ross: Upside Down (Whitelabel Remix)
DJ Dubz: Cop This S*
(Armand Van Helden vs Timbaland & Magoo feat Missy Elliott, Eric B & Rakim & the Sugarhill Gang)
IDC: House of Gucci (The Rapture vs Andrea Dorea) / Keep on Crazy Dancing (edit) (Da Hool vs Gwen Stefani)
Beats International: Just Be Good To Me (Whitelabel Speed Garage Mix)
Gloomybear: Horny From the Bass (Tiga vs 2 Live Crew)+
Payroll: Finally I'm A Funky Freak (Beastie Boys vs CeCe Peniston vs FC Kahuna)
N.E.R.D.: She Wants to Move (Soundhog Remix)
IDC: Westbam's Pleasure (Westbam vs Pleasure) / Disco Doctor (Remix)++
AgentLovelette: Dance, Dance, Dance (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) (Chic vs Usher)
DazAutomatic ft. Erroll Brown: Could've Been A Lady
DazAutomatic ft. Ernie Hines: Our Generation
JPL: The 1999 Hustle (Van McCoy vs Prince)

+Like this one a lot. You know, if Tiga was just a wee bit tuffer, the result could've been the greatest ghetto-tech record never recorded. Or something. This uses the dirty version of "Me So Horny" which I'd never heard before. I only remember the clean version they played on MTV and the radio. I'm not too easily offended, but that song is a55-nasty! No wonder 2 Live Crew got their a55es banned across America.

++MMmmm, yeah. He's good.

This following show is, hands down, the cheesiest show I have ever done. No lie. Just look at it. I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended. But it was very fun.

SMASHBOX01c 4.25.04 mashed up fresh out the kitchen

DJ Dubz: Waiting For Tonight (Ayumi Hamasaki vs J-Lo) / I Wanna Flaming Dance With Somebody (BT vs Whitney Houston)+
Fudge Tools: Hool Let The Dogs Out (Meet Her At The Crufts Parade) (Baha Men vs Da Hool)++
Don Amott King of Caravans: Don't Call Me Cotton Eye Joe (Madison Avenue vs Rednex)
Mr Whitelabel: Blow The Master (Lock 'n' Load vs Wildchild)+++
Khyzer Zuke: Happy Badger (Rob Acid vs www.badgerbadgerbadger.com)++++
Freed: Happy Hardcore Blew My Mind
Fudge Tools vs Opus III: It's A Fine Day (For 'Appy 'Ardkore)
Robi Roboter vs A-Ha: Take On Me+++++
cry.on.my.console: Death Star S* ("Cop that S*" Power Of The Darkside Mix)
Britney Spears: Toxic (Lumpy's Toxic Weapons of Mass Destruction rmx) / (vs John Hawkins Toronja)
E-Jitz: Toxic Narcotic (No Good For Me) (Britney Spears vs Empirion vs The Prodigy)++++++
Soundhog: 500 Bad Mice (2 Bad Mice vs The Proclaimers)

+Good stuff... the first is actually better than at least 80% of vocal trance tunes. OK, maybe that's not saying much. The second, OK, I really liked the BT song -- I don't like his newer stuff (starting with "Movement in Still Life") but the old stuff, "Flaming June" in particular is good. And he produced the "Party of Five" soundtrack.

++I sincerely apologize for this one. I realize it uses one of the cheesiest and most hated songs ever. And Baha Men suck, too. Just kidding! But really, I'm very very sorry. You must admit that the two work very well together.The following tune may be even cheesier, although I don't think it is, it is definitely a matter to debate.

+++I like Mr. Whitelabel very much. Actually, I'm sure I own both these tunes; if not just on CD compilations.

++++BADGERBADGERBADGERBADGER! Mushroom, Mushroom! haha...classic.

+++++Funny since the original A-ha tune was already @ jungle tempo! This starts off the d'n'b part of the show. Actually the Opus III track before it is really d'n'b not H.H. ...or would that be 'A.'A.?

++++++I apologize for these too.I only did it since the second Britney remix pretty much just uses dubby vox from the chorus. And the third one is just so damn good! I like how the (sampled)chick singer in the Prodge tune sounds just like Britney for a moment. So you think she's singing "Toxic" and then launches into "You're no good for me, I don't need nobody...." Brilliant.

Yep, I might just play these again. And I challenge anyone to surpass the cheesiness of that last mix. I don't anyone is quite that brave... or stupid. I wanna do a big show tonight as I have loads of good stuff, but it might start way late, like after midnite.

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