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This space is a repository for my net radio station news and the like. Sometimes, when reposting older news and playlists, I'll include my recent comments in bold italics. I keep the following station description at the top, since I kept changing it all the time.

meow: glitterbox:

Freeform eclectronica: new and old. (Hehe, I'm so clever.) Music that falls through the cracks: electro, Italo disco, synth, post-punk, funk, old NYC favourites, obscure 70s/80s, idm, Detroit and other techno techno, acid, microhouse, bedroom bleeps, mash-ups and loads more.

NOT the same old "dance" or "electronic" selections. And when I play 8ties stuff, it's not the same old tunes everyone was already sick of by 1985. It IS quirky, new, and different, often obscure, always interesting and fun. I play whatever it is I'm feeling, from music for dancing to certifiable chillage and points inbetween. It's a great station for home, work or wherever. Playlists are carefully selected and sound quality is way better than it should be at this bitrate.

Latest station news appears, and is archived here.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Updated playlist... now my main playlist is over 40 hours long! w00t. Actually it's nearly 41, and it's the best it's ever been.

Next week, I'll be playing some of my best mix shows (as chosen by my listeners, and maybe one or two chosen by me) ... can't say just what they will be, but I promise a good time. And I know it's just an excuse for me to continue to faff off for a few weeks and not do any new ones!
top 10 in the glitterbox last week:

1. Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Wawa

2. Keine Ahnung - Plastik

3. Icebreaker International & Manual - Now Forever

4. Malcolm McLaren - Madam Butterfly

5. Adult. - Glue Your Eyelids Together

6. The Fox - Ride On (ATOC Disco Dub)

7. Queen of Japan - B-O-D-Y spells Body

8. Joy Division - Shadowplay

9. Jello feat. Dennis Bourne - Lungbone, tongue bone mix

10. Hi Fi Serious - Because (ATOC Dub)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

One more!

These are just too friggin easy...

16. America: We're really good at pulling down statues, if nothing else.
Top 10 New Advertising Slogans for the US Occupation of Iraq

1. Saddam raped and murdered you. We'll just strip, torture and humilate you. And take your picture for the whole world to see. Pretty good deal, huh?

2. America: At least our elections are free and not rigged. Unless your last name happens to be Bush.

3. Shocked and Awed Yet?

4. Iraqis: If Y'all Don't Stop Misbehaving Right Now, We'll Put the Baathists Back in Charge.

5. And We've Been Taking a Baath on Iraq for Decades. Give Us Our $20 a Barrell Oil Already.

6. America: Germany and Japan Did Just Fine by Us, No?

7. Ahmad Chalabi -- We're Wise to You.

8. Iraq: Providing a Theatre for Two Generations of Bushes to Royally Screw Up In.

9. Mission Accomplished! (But We're Keeping Our Fingers Crossed.)

10. The Powell Doctrine: F* that S*, Motherf*er.

and, I guess I couldn't stop @ 10:

11. OK, So You Guys Had Nothing to Do With 9/11... We Still Beat Your Ass.

12. George W. Bush: Not a War Hero, but He Played One on TV

notice that I have avoided the easy ones, like "ruining GWB's chances of a second term -- Priceless."

13. Osama bin Laden: What, We Gotta Stop You, Too? Our President Can't Even Eat Pretzels Without F*ing Up.*
*Replace "eating pretzels" with "riding a Segway while holding a tennis racket" or with "riding a freakin' bicycle" or with the Bush fuck-up-du-jour... pardon my French. And all Gerald Ford ever did was bump his head, and he got crucified for that. Bring back the 70's!

14. Our God Can Beat Up Your God.

yeah, that's somewhat controversial. But GWB (who "talks to his father upstairs" instead of his father in Kennebunkport) as well as certain lowlights of the Religious Right, brought God into this. Allah is more or less the same God as Yahweh/Jehovah, regardless what certain fanatics might have you think. And these just keep coming... one more...

15. America: At Least We Know Where Our WMDs Are, Biyatch.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

meow: filling cups like double D's...

I had something witty to say for my thread/post title this time, but I forgot. So I will do what I usually do, and rip off rappers ... last week it was Kelis quoting Pet Shop Boys, this week it's Ludacris. And no double D's here, sorry.

Playlists for the last 3 shows....

Redid the first 2 a couple times and I did end up recording them all digital and stuff -- sounds really nice, not sure how much it helps at this bitrate. These are my absolute favourite shows so far, and I'll do more along these lines in the future. Overall, as fun as the first Smashbox installment, less gooofy (one hopes) and more of a nice chillout vibe, even downright lovely at times... thanks to all the original artists and remixers. I enjoyed these shows very much -- I should be sick of hearing this stuff, but I'm not and still like listening to them very much.

Will be taking a break from mix shows -- I've got a lot to do these next two weeks, but I will be back in June with all kinds of good stuff. In the meantime, I'm still adding lots more new stuff to the glitterbox... my daily playlists are changing, updating and getting better and more diverse.

And, erm, I expect I'll be playing all these shows again in the future... stay tuned.

SMASHBOX02a 5.07.04 mashed and chilled in left field

Poj Masta: Sesame Street Mash [redux]
Poj Masta: Baggy Cut Up (Madness "Baggy Trousers" glitchmix)+
evemassacremix: Musical Sweethearts (electropop mix: Beach Boys vs Fatboy Slim vs Stardust)
Mutant Miscreation: Clocking the John B (Beach Boys vs Coldplay "Clocks" [Royksopp rmx])++
Usher: Yeah (Fujikato remix)
Playgirl: Dutch Road (Missy Elliott "Pass that Dutch" remix)
Basement Jaxx featuring Dizzee Rascal: Lucky Star (poj mix)
S.I. Futures: Eurostar+++
Kelis: Trick Me (FakeID's prank mix)
Agent Graves: L.F.aer.O.dynamik (LFO vs Kraftwerk)
Peloton: (Remix)
JSW (Jet Set Willy): Snuff Box
Dopplebanger: P***ylicker (M83 vs Aphex Twin vs Khia)
Bill Cosby: The Pusher (The Reverend Menagerie remix)
DXL: Aphex Twin Took It All
JoolsMF: J Hop
10000 Spoons: Forbidden Place (Bjork vs Boards of Canada vs Sasha)++++
Low: I Remember (Empire State Human Mix)
Electroretro: Omardub

+ I almost put Smart E's in here, but didn't mainly out of respect because I really like Poj's mixes. It would have been too silly. (OK, if that can be imagined.) I love Madness too.
++ I like the Beach Boys very much, too.
+++ Not the most original tune I've ever heard, but it's marvelous -- it's Si Begg -- if you're gonna imitate Kraftwerk, do it right, like it is done very right indeed here. Like the Colonel does chicken.
++++ If Bjork and "BooC" really collaborated, it might sound like this... and is that Sasha in the studio? I really like the combination of mash-ups and IDM, like this bunch of tunes. And that Bill Cosby tune is a classic.

SMASHBOX02b 5.09.04 mashed and chilled in left field 2

The Kleptones: Sympathy For The Almighty
The Vector Warrior: Raoul+
IDC: Safe From US (Massive Attack vs John Lennon vs George Bush & Tony Blair et al.)
cry.on.my.console: Death Star S*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1100101)++
Poj Masta: Bombing Guide (Roots Manuva vs Prefuse 73)
Mutant Miscreation: Rolf's Secret (Rolf Harris vs Madonna)
Pop Razors: Laura's Wish (Skee-lo vs Scissor Sisters)
Dj TiiM: Beyonce Vs Kayne
DazAutomatic: Beyonce's Cherry (Beyonce & Sean Paul vs Neneh Cherry)
Ce'Cile: Rude Bwoy Thug Life
Playgirl: 8Obsession
Lenlow: Vegas Baby (Suzanne Vega vs Benny Benassi vs Magnetic Fields vs Biz Markie)
Lenlow: Titled (Interpol vs Paul McCartney & Wings vs Rufus Wainwright vs Radiohead)+++
IDC: Battlesoon (My Bloody Valentine vs Lo Fi Allstars)
Peloton: Blue Skied Country (Slowdive vs Nelly)
JoolsMF: Shangri La++++
DXL Presents Mr. Kumar's Balti Beats

+ The Vector Warrior has to be one of the best IDM (or whatever) artists I've heard... lovely lovely stuff, and that's not all he does.
++ Original remix by c.o.m.c. of this Timbaland/Magoo/Missy/etc. track and my personal favourite.
+++ Lenlow's tunes are amazing, even if (or because) they don't sound like you'd think.
++++ I really enjoy Jools' downtempo-ish tunes.

SMASHBOX02c 5.13.04 mashed and chilled in left field 3

The Vector Warrior: Waiting For Data
JSW (Jet Set Willy): The Streets vs Azzido da Bass+
Lionel Vinyl: When Doves Pray (Prince vs Plump DJs & Gary Numan)
Coldplay vs FakeID: God Put a Smile on Your Face (Fake mix)++
Lenlow: Last Night (The Travelling Wilburys vs The Strokes vs Kid N Play)
Lenlow: Sweet Child O Ravi (Norah Jones vs Guns N Roses vs Doves vs Barry White and Melvin Bliss)
Cropstar: Lovely Trick (Goldfrapp vs Kelis)
The Beathunters: Angie's Night (Angie Stone vs Nightmares on Wax vs Bjork)
DJ Spooge: Witch Assault (Julie Driscoll vs John Carpenter)
The Vector Warrior vs Adina Howard: Freak LLLike me
DJ Crook Air: You don't know the Jam (Alicia Keys vs The Jam)
Soundhog: A Day In Tracy's Life (The Beatles vs Mogwai vs Kid Loco)+++
Brian Wilson: Ruins Reconstructed (reconstructed by IDC from the "Smile" sessions)
The Kleptones: Breathe in the Summertime++++

+ An irresistable blend, really. I really like the Streets. Strangely I've been getting back into UK Garage -- I don't even know if he's that anymore -- or eski-beat, grime, whatever the love they call it... The Freddy Kreuger of musical genres -- ever since "Speed Garage" it seems to invite backlash, die, and then come back. Considering investigating it further.
++ FakeID is Lionel's name for his "Electrobollox" versions -- good stuff and that is my favourite Prince remix as well.
+++ GHP mashed "A Day in the Life" with Radiohead and it is one of the saddest songs in the world. (In a good way.) I kind of prefer Soundhog's take as, instead of just leaving them out, he deals with the problematic parts of the Beatles song -- the orchestra tuning up part and the "woke up, fell out of bed" part, both of which were probably Sir Paul's ideas. What Soundhog does with the whole song (plus Mogwai, Kid Loco) is really lovely. And the following song by IDC and Brian Wilson is another fave... very nice... Brian's supposed to be finishing "Smile" this year. I'm there.
++++ This one however is from what might be the album of the year -- The Kleptones' take on the Flaming Lips and hip-hop. Hard to pick a favourite track, but this might be one of them.

Yeah, I'll be sure to play all these again... don't sleep.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Arg... couldn't get last nite's new mix online right, so will try again late tonite... like sometime after midnite. Will definitely play the new batch of Smashbox mixes on Sunday starting @ 8pm EST -- and it's entirely possible I'll play them all again a few times next week as well.

Playing with re-recording them digitally, too... those will be for the archives sometime in the future.

These are-- again -- my most favouritest mix shows yet. But I am probably mad.
Man oh man, Blogger's new interface is fugly.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Call the police, there's a mad cat in town...

Most recent Smashbox mixes on tonite and tomorrow, including a new one or two. These aren't from the first batch of Smashboxes -- while it's probably still too soon to tell, that last installment (1c) seems to be the least popular mix show I've ever done... I feared as much. No, the mixes I'm playing tonite are from Smashbox 2 and I haven't even published playlists for any of them yet. (Done 2 so far.) Really like them; these might just the best shows I've done so far... I think you might agree, my listeners usually do. Sound is more laid-back and groovy -- I'd describe it as largely more mashed and chilled in left field.


Starts around 8 pm EST.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

5.09: All yummy mixes on tonite, starting around 8, with new ones! Got me a new laptop and goodies, like a new audio interface, so I get to be a laptop jock from now on.

Will be cancelling Wednesday and Sunday Gutter Glamour shows cuz noone's listening and I'm getting a bit more listeners on my regular Glitterbox selection. Saturday shows will continue, of course. Am adding loads more stuff to the glitterbox too, including discopunk, electro and Italo disco... everyone loves Italo! (Some of the best music ever made, really.)

Had gotten on a major mush-up kick. Next month probably I'll be getting back to more usual electro and disco mixed shows, with those nice techno and house shows, too... finally!

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


new mix shows tonight and tomorrow, but after some older (but very recent) shows that I'll be playing first. Tune in @ 8pm EST both nites.

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