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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Top 10 New Advertising Slogans for the US Occupation of Iraq

1. Saddam raped and murdered you. We'll just strip, torture and humilate you. And take your picture for the whole world to see. Pretty good deal, huh?

2. America: At least our elections are free and not rigged. Unless your last name happens to be Bush.

3. Shocked and Awed Yet?

4. Iraqis: If Y'all Don't Stop Misbehaving Right Now, We'll Put the Baathists Back in Charge.

5. And We've Been Taking a Baath on Iraq for Decades. Give Us Our $20 a Barrell Oil Already.

6. America: Germany and Japan Did Just Fine by Us, No?

7. Ahmad Chalabi -- We're Wise to You.

8. Iraq: Providing a Theatre for Two Generations of Bushes to Royally Screw Up In.

9. Mission Accomplished! (But We're Keeping Our Fingers Crossed.)

10. The Powell Doctrine: F* that S*, Motherf*er.

and, I guess I couldn't stop @ 10:

11. OK, So You Guys Had Nothing to Do With 9/11... We Still Beat Your Ass.

12. George W. Bush: Not a War Hero, but He Played One on TV

notice that I have avoided the easy ones, like "ruining GWB's chances of a second term -- Priceless."

13. Osama bin Laden: What, We Gotta Stop You, Too? Our President Can't Even Eat Pretzels Without F*ing Up.*
*Replace "eating pretzels" with "riding a Segway while holding a tennis racket" or with "riding a freakin' bicycle" or with the Bush fuck-up-du-jour... pardon my French. And all Gerald Ford ever did was bump his head, and he got crucified for that. Bring back the 70's!

14. Our God Can Beat Up Your God.

yeah, that's somewhat controversial. But GWB (who "talks to his father upstairs" instead of his father in Kennebunkport) as well as certain lowlights of the Religious Right, brought God into this. Allah is more or less the same God as Yahweh/Jehovah, regardless what certain fanatics might have you think. And these just keep coming... one more...

15. America: At Least We Know Where Our WMDs Are, Biyatch.

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